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Responses from treadman

Let's compile list of brands that produce Amps AND Loudspeakers.
Favorite band or artist of all time?
What area or country do you live in ?
Kobe, Japan. 
Will power cable work well as speaker cable?
No, I have never done business with them; however, Rakuten keeps a tight rein on its vendors. 
Will power cable work well as speaker cable?
This what you are looking for?http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/chuya-online/item/92493 
Buy Smart Japan
I live in Japan and have bought a few things from hifido. Very reliable. 
The King Of...
You can’t bring up disco without mentioning Donna Summer. Not a king but a queen for sure. 
Whats playing on your system today?
Charlie Mariano - Alto Sax for Young ModernsSonny Stitt - Constellation 
Best Pre-amp for $500??
A new Jolida JD 5T (tube) goes for about $500 with a remote controller. No DAC though. I think there is one on sale here.  
User manuals yesterday and today as evidence to...
I held various positions related to marine electronics equipment documentation from the mid 80s until last year. The changes to the safety information section during that period became absurd. From a single page of common sense warnings (do not op... 
Upgrading power cables
A little update on power cable upgrade.I picked up two SignalCable MagicPower power cords, one for amp, other for preamp. Many Audiogoners have favorable comments on them so I thought it would be an inexpensive way to start. Have had them cooking ... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Lots of rockers. Well, I'll insert a couple of jazz recordings. Kenny Dorham - Quiet KennyRay Bryant - Ray Bryant Trio 
Upgrading power cables
"Honey, looks like I'm going to need a power conditioner.""OK, dear, whatever you need." 
Upgrading power cables
Thanks for so many informed responses!