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Seeking advice for speakers for my Family Room
If you are in the USA look at Revel F36 which have or have recently had some excellent sale prices.  Also consider the Focal Chora floorstanders.  The previous recommendations for Monitor Audio are also good.   Regarding your current subwoofer, ... 
Please recommend speakers
I would also recommend the Revel and Monitor Audio Silver mentioned above and would add Focal Chora new or Focal Aria second hand.  
Need new headphone setup.
Can they be open headphones which leak sound or do they need to be fully closed? If you can use an open set then consider the HiFiman Ananda with the Topping DX3 Pro+ amp/DAC/Bluetooth combo. For a closed headphone, there are not a lot of great ... 
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
Dire Straits - Dire Straits   Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers  
The Audiophile Community Has a Problem: Part Deux The Saga Continues?
@tomcy6 commenting on what I have seen here, otherwise I don't bring it up.  
Introspective of this forum: "Does the Audiophile Community Have a Promlem?" I Say yes!!!
@jerryg123 Happy holidays!  
Introspective of this forum: "Does the Audiophile Community Have a Promlem?" I Say yes!!!
This forum seems much more hateful and toxic than anything I've seen on ASR.  
Short list of musical subwoofers
I am very happy with my SVS SB-2000 and how it works with the Revel F36. I would assume that the new SVS SB-2000 Pro is even better considering it's app integration and deep extension.  
Spatial X5 speakers
I heard one of the M3 versions at a show several years ago and loved them.  I've since been interested in trying them again but they are not sold here so I guess it will have to wait until I move.  
Sound System on $10K Budget
Like most of the previous posters have said, settling on a speaker sound first is the best choice along with dedicating 50% or so of your budget to them.  That being said, the Philharmonic BMR Towers are a fantastic choice at around $4k.  Looking ... 
How much gear do you own?
Not as much since I gave my brother in law and older 5.0 speaker set.  But I still have a center channel, two headphone amps, a DAC, and several headphones stored in a closet which don't get used.  
Revel Ultima Salon opinions
@soix   Thanks for the reply and suggestions.  I am not sure if any of those are available here in Vietnam.   
Revel Ultima Salon opinions
@james633 @steve59 Thanks for the replies.  I will keep looking for deals on newer models.  Cheers.  
Revel Ultima Salon opinions
@toddk31 Thanks for the reply and info.  Not being to get replacement parts does make the purchase a bit more risky.  Valuable information.  
Passive vs Active...Again!
The SVS Prime Wireless 2.1 system seems to offer a lot of sound quality for the money.