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Has anyone used the new Innuos 2.0 Sense music app? Compared it to Roon?
Just saw the weekly update for Jul-23 and the ZenMini support will be held off for 2.0.5 on Aug-03.  I can easily wait a couple more weeks before giving roon the boot. 
Has anyone used the new Innuos 2.0 Sense music app? Compared it to Roon?
I checked my Zen Mini Mk3 this morning and the new software must not be available for it as yet.  Says up to date at V1.4.9 and I downloaded Innuos Sense to my iphone and it did not find my Zen Mini.  Ugh, anyone know the timing for the Zen Mini? 
LinLai WE 300B or the LinLai Global Elite Permaloy 300B tubes ?
I have the LinLai E-series 300B and the new WE-300B. I like the WE better and hard to beat the 5yr warranty. The price difference per pair is ~$500 US (1/3 total) and I think that is a fair evaluation comparison of the two tubes. That being said, ... 
What DAC upgrade made you say “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?
Moving from the PS Audio Direct Stream to the Holo May KTE was a huge improvement for my particular system and the DS was no slouch. 
Innuos: A Cautionary Tale.
I also had a good result with an Innuos issue.  I purchased a Zen-Mini-Mk3 and LPSU from TweekGeek and had difficulty getting it configured on my network.  Tech support at TweekGeek was very responsive and talked me through multiple scenarios but ... 
Opinions Needed: Hales vs. Tannoy
For god’s sake, if you sell your Hales Revelation-3’s I’m your buyer! The only speaker purchase I ever walked away from that I regretted. Just let me know if you go crazy and want to sell them. 
How many of you are digital only systems?
All digital for over a year now and am very happy with the decision. 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
DO NOT DO THIS!!!  The amp that is not ON will receive the power from the amp that is ON to its output terminals NOT GOOD.  You will end up letting the magic smoke out of most likely multiple components. 
PS auido Direct stream Dac
Following up... @rbstehno ... 1) YES, upgraded to Sunshine and ran continuously for 2 weeks 2) NO, I2s which is clearly the best case for the DS3) NO, I2s See #24) YES, used the DAC for 2 years with >1K hrs and see #1 for firmware5) YES, follow... 
Holo Audio May DAC
@nquery... I too am using the MAY single ended.  Do report back on your experience with the Bal-SE solution differences I am very interested. 
PS auido Direct stream Dac
@jon2020 ... Following up on the question.  Make no mistake the DSD is a great DAC however in my system the May KTE was a big step up.  More open, more extended highs with more space arounds instruments... which I found off since R2R DACs tend to ... 
Holo Audio May DAC
I sold my DSD a few weeks back for $3k and it sold in just a few hours. 
Holo Audio May DAC
I too went from the PS Audio Direct Stream to the Holo May KTE.  I kept both in my system for a few weeks and in my particular system the May absolutely trounced the Direct Stream in almost every way.  Frankly I was shocked at the magnitude of the... 
Innuos 1.4.9 update available and 2.0 new info
My Zen-Mini-Mk-3 updated within seconds and didn't miss a beat.  Yahoo.  That being said, I'm a bit disappointed that 2.0 will only include Qubuz native at first so since I use Tidal I'll stay with roon for now.  Actually if Innuos would just enab... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
@Donsachs... Don I have used your line-pre for over a year now and absolutely love it!  Seems like you really liked some caps out of eastern EU and used them on my pre.  Should I consider the ODAMs an upgrade opportunity?