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Borresen Acoustics Speakers - Have you heard them & what did you think?
Heard the Borrensen-01s at RMAF-2019 and they amazinglyfilled a huge room with ease, no strain and simply beautiful sound.  I have heard some good stand mount speakers in the past but the 01 sets a new bar.  Just wish they were not $35k.  I'll be ... 
My “Dream” system needs a preamp
Supratek Cabernet.  Just replaced my 2x expensive PS Audio BHK Signature pre with the Supratek and couldn't be happier.   
RMAF 2019!
I really enjoyed RMAF as well.  I REALLY liked the new venue+++The one that surprised me was the Boenicke W8's.  I hate tweeky stuff but wow these little guys really fill a room with beautiful sound! 
Aavik U150 vs. Gryphon Diablo-300 vs. whatever ???
I knew I should have circled back to that room on Day-2 Ugh.  Oh well the U15 is where my interest lies since I do not need the phone stage.  So, at 80% of the U300 where in your mind would it rank against the available competition? 
Aavik U150 vs. Gryphon Diablo-300 vs. whatever ???
I was at RMAF and when I was there in Day-1 they were using the U150 and said that the "big boy" was on a lost an a pallet in transit. 
RMAF 2019 PS Audio AN3 loudspeaker
Yes the Boenicke W8 was really surprising. I always don’t want to like them because of the "tweaky" technology added but wow! Definitely punches above it’s weight but hard to find and $$$. You tweakers put your flame throwers down, I’m most likely... 
Thank you Tammy! 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Cabernet Dual Inbound… though used. 
Supratek Tubes and Tube Swappin' for Everybody
Cabernet Dual inbound!  
RMAF 2019!
Enjoyed day-1 heading back now for day-2.  Fantastic new venue! 
RMAF 2019 Arrival
Following up... the hotel offered to move us last evening late but my wife had already settled in for the night so we decided to just get the exercise! 
Where do I start!?!
Most current preamp products have both XLR and RCA outputs.  Get something like the PS Audio BHK signature pre and you are fixed up.  There are a number of these excellent units on the used market at present at around $3k.  Just remember to have f... 
My “Dream” system needs a preamp
I can strongly recommend Supratek. 
Hum Super Sleuth Needed
Found it!  Freaking cable box sitting one shelf under the noisy amp.  Must be broadcasting RF.  Moved and solved.  I was just before taking the back off the amp. 
Hum Super Sleuth Needed
delkal...  Thanks, the speakers are not powered though they are horns thus any hum is very noticeable.  Note that the other monoblock is dead quiet.