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Has anyone used the new Innuos 2.0 Sense music app? Compared it to Roon?
I too switched from Roon to Sense.  One possible solution to your DSP is to just add a miniDSP in your signal path between pre & amp.  Yes yes I know this is an extra A/D-D/A but using the miniDSP-HD version I have been unable to hear the diff... 
Preamp with two volume controls?
The Supratek Cabernet Dual does exactly what you are describing.  I used one for a couple years in my Horn + Sub system for the same reason.  There are two volume controls that control different outputs.  There are two configurations you can selec... 
Bob Carver tube amps
Take a look at Denis Had (of Cary fame) new inspire amps.  He makes them himself one at a time point to point wiring.  The new Inspire 300B PSE (parallel single ended) sounds outstanding at 12 W/Chan can drive most anything.  
Happy Thanksgiving/ A peaceful holiday and hopeful message.
Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for so very many things but keeping things in perspective my top three are God, family and friends, and the freedom we have here in the USA.  
Why do Tube Amps sound more romantic v SS amps
Having just spent 2 days at Capital Audio Fest and having been in the hobby for 40ish years I continue to be surprised by astonishingly expensive systems that are hell bent on detail retrieval to the point that the individual sounds are so disconn... 
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
I too heard then at CAF yesterday and was really impressed.  I prepare myself to be utterly disappointed by the latest hyped speaker but it was really good.  I'll reiterate what others have said - at $3.7k I have not heard anything at twice the pr... 
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
I haven't admitted to myself how much I have spent, so certainly not my wife or the neighbors.  Did I mention that we (wife and I) are going to Capital Audiofest this weekend?  Come to think of it she most likely has a better idea of the total cos... 
Celestion Axi2050 Horn Drivers - Holy Cow!
I can't find the link to Berts but I made a directory with a zip for all versions of the enclosure, the driver specs, and some pictures. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhlYu1NGOjTsjJEN314TpbliskpDVg?e=z6Y4Kv Let me know once you have the file and I'll pull ... 
Celestion Axi2050 Horn Drivers - Holy Cow!
PM incomming  
New Dennis Had amps
Anyone know how to contact Dennis to purchase an amp?  
Tube preamp options
I can absolutely recommend the Don Sachs line preamp (6SN7 based).  I purchased one just to give it a try and ended up selling my ARC-Ref-5SE and pocketing about $10k in the process.  It's that good... in my system, your milage may vary.  Innuous_... 
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
Purchased a pair of Celestion Axi2050 drivers for my horn speakers.  
I've had the W8 and still grieve selling them.  The sound is so disproportionate to the speaker's small size it seems like some kind of magic.  One warning, you need a serious amplifier as the little rascals are very very power hungry and are a di... 
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
One last comment then I’ll sign off. I have not been on AGON for about a year and since I was interested in the new Atma-Sphere Class-D I thought I would check to see what others were saying and stumbled on to this thread at page-2. When I secured... 
NY audio show 2022
Too expensive & the whole NYC crime and PIA, I'm waiting for Capital Audiofest even with the 3hr drive.