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Blue Sound Vault vs Aria Oppo 105 Kit.
How do you like the Bluesound app? Wondering how it compares to the aria (which looks an awful lot like river 
AV123 replacement parts
Thanks I'm waiting for anew one from him now 
Personal speaker evolution
1981 first real speakers were Klipsch Heresey. After leaving navy traveled around the country as a contract technician Hereseys had to go (to big and heavy). 1990 settled in CA. spent the next 15 yrs trying sub/sat systems. Cambridge Soundworks, D... 
Marantz SR7005 OR Pioneer ELite SC-35
I have a Pioneer Elite 25. Upgraded from a Denon 3805. I'm very happy with the PE 25. It was much easier than the new Denons to set up. I have some ventilation issues so the D class amp helped. It sounds great to me, I know it's not really high en...