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PS Audio PerfectWave DAC Upgrade
Have you guys heard anymore about the upgrade to the PWD since these posts? I hope the cost is low to do the upgrades. 
Power Cords--Your Preference?
In my system I have a Wegrzyn 8 gauge power cord on my preamp and the Lessloss dfpc Signature on my amp. They both do a real nice job. I have had the best luck with the JPS Labs Digital ac-x on my DAC. All of these have been solid performers. 
Lessloss DFPC Sig versus Shunyata CX and Nordost
Thanks for the feedback guys.I'm leaning toward the LL based on the price-performance for my amp.I'm going to check out the Elrod for my DAC.Thanks... 
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
Dear Sir,I was reading this thread and noticed Ted's comments concerning the newer products. I'm expecting the new Power Cell 4 tomorrow. I have been told it is about 75% of the 10SE. If you have heard from any other Power Cell 4 users and have he...