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Best Speaker for classical music
+ 1 for omni directional with classical music.  Duevel Sirius, German Physiks Borderline, MBL. 
Benefit of shielded ac wire? Any downside?
@cleeds . It is standard wire. I just braided it myself. It is a double run, normal wire for in wall use twisted in starquad. Pitch twist about 4 inch. It took a while for 15m. A good foundation for my system. Direct connection to my star wired di... 
Benefit of shielded ac wire? Any downside?
I recently moved to a new house. I have wired my system from the breaker panel with starquad 12 awg solid core wire direct to my distribution block. And a 10 awg , counter rotating, earth wire. Starquad has the advantage that it is a selfshielding... 
Dynamic range - effect on different speaker cables - even very high quality ones
"Cables may get over saturated with sound". The only thing I can think off is that the current can be too high for the given AWG and the dielectric is getting overcharged and starts compressing. Is the cable getting warm? The cable dielectric can ... 
Furutech vs Audioquest Power Cables
Real audiophiles have big buck cables and standard house wiring, because they are always happy with small improvements.😁 
Furutech vs Audioquest Power Cables
The Audioquest Thunder/Dragon lines are solid core designs with heavy shielding. Each core is shielded with foil and a drain wire separately. These 3 are braided and connected with beryllium/silver plated connectors. The result is a dynamic big bo... 
Has anyone ever tried cables made with OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper?
I changed all my cables to OCC ones. Less gritty, smoother and more depth. But it always depends on the implementation and geometry. I use the Ramm cable with air dielectric for power. Very happy with the result. Neotech power cords are also very ... 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Aimee MannHailey WilliamsTori Amos 
Eddie Van Halen Rest In Peace
When van Halen opened their concert with poundcake, everyone was getting a hard one. Pure magic. 
EM busters
I agree with the OP. RFI hunting and EMI reduction is key for good sound. A big step was with the JSSG 360 tweak from the computer audiophile website around DC cabling, Ethernet, usb and interconnects.XLR, RCA, HDMI caps were also closing a pathwa... 
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
I use a dissected eupen GNLM for neutral and earth. They both have emc/ferrit powder around their tinned strands that acts as a rfi filter for the live wire. It really works. No stray voltages, no rfi, low induction. Pitch black background and oom... 
warm organic fullbodied AES cable up to 300 USD?
https://m.ebay.ie/itm/OYaide-FTVS910-5n-Pure-Silver-Wire-110-AES-XLR-Balance-Digital-Audio-Cable-/33...Oyaide FTVS910. You can also buy the cable separate and some emc Neutriks xlr's for perfect aes 48 compatibility.  
Need copper speaker cable recommendations $300 ish
Check neotech nemos 3080 or 5080, Nordost flatlines, Audioquest rocket series, Kimber 8tc. Good quality copper, different geometries. 
Is Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) sexist?
Off course it is sexist. Every difference between people can have a positive or negative connotation (all in the eye of the beholder). I like being a sexist between the sheets. 😜 But for audio... I don’t care and the stereo doesn’t care either.It ... 
XLR cable with warmth without losing resolution
Try the Townshend f1 fractal interconnect, very holographic