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Recordings by Elton John, Nirvana and Thousands More Lost in Fire
I Agree with the 3 above. The loss of the master tapes is the tragedy. Some truly amazing artists and their recordings of a piece of time that will never be heard again. I have not posted a lot but it seams sometimes it is difficult for people to ... 
How many of us are truly satisfied with their systems?
Elizabeth’s comment is profoundly true. Question answered. Well said 
"You cannot handle the truth"
I bought a pair of Maggie’s one week old cause the wife said too big. Ha happy wife happy life.  
Moderately priced audio
Is it possible to stay on track.  Ha I think not. Point was lost a long time ago.  
Moderately priced audio
Great conversation. Great sounding systems at moderate price points was never in question. I was saying where are they in magazines and shows. Maybe millercarbon is correct the people are home enjoying their music. Anyway I’d like to here more.  
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
Without a doubt. End of the road. By Umphreys McGee off the album safety in numbers.  
Faint hum....
Bad filter cap in the power supply could be at fault. IMO 
Power Amp advice
I have Maggie’s 1.7i. With a tube preamp and a high current solid state amplifier. Both are audio research. The combo of the 3 quite astounding. There are plenty of Audio Research deals under $2000 in the used market to complement  the Maggie’s. A... 
Vindication at Last!
Well done rel. I thought it was funny and creative.  
Soliciting Member Perspectives: Levinson vs Bryston vs Audio Research
I have a great opinion of ARC only because I have owned a SP3-A1 for 36 years. I also own a D100B. With Maggie’s 1.7I speakers, I can’t say enough about the combo of the old classics with the new technology speakers. The Cambridge CD player the 1/...