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why did my record player slow down, speed up, then go back to normal?
Power surge, or bad belt. 
You mean someone buys this stuff?
@tablejockey  agreed, this is pretty sick! 
Violin Moves All Over the Sound Stage
He is supposed to stay at center-left but through some pressings I have heard similar panning “movement,” which I suspect is due to warps in the groove or imperfections in the master tape stereo transfer back in the day. Might help to listen only ... 
Beginner looking for guidance into tube sound.
There’s always the used or DIY market. For me the Willsenton R8 has been great.  
What do $2500 speaker cables sound like?
Sounds the same 
TANNOY will stop Hi-FI ?
Sorry, again I’m confused. So it’s China’s fault that Tannoy moves operations to China? Somehow my logic doesn’t follow.  
Magnepan LRS- what amp should i consider? (sub $2,000)
Parasound Hint Halo or used Hegel H160/190 are perfect for the LRS.  
Lack of Female Representation
Interesting thought
How old were you when you first subscribed to TAS or Stereophile? And the ability to learn about the hobby from the internet?16 - early 2000's 
Interesting thought
#OnlyFans of listening bars in Asia and LA / NY 
Lack of Female Representation
You guys are either in the wrong chat room or the wrong region. A lot of girls love TT and vinyl, at least in NYC. But this sums out up: 
Where are the young audiophiles?
We are here, and, on other platforms mentioned above. Vintage gear blended with digital says it all. Your generalization also only applies to US demographics.  
What audio aspect are you knowledgeable in?
I advise you to not listen to advice but to music 
The birth of a new thread dedicated to sharing our newly-acquired "old" LP's.
Madison, Wisconsin has a lot of great finds. 
Samsung flat screen TV’s
Samsung purchased in 2012 went black last week. A thicker larger Vizio from 2007 is still great. TCL-Roku replaced the Samsung now.