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Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons
@jjss49 couldnt have stated those words of wisdom any better....... exactly my philosophy...and I’ve been in this game for a pretty long time as well  
Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons
Good Luck with your sale dodgealum. Yes, unfortunately, it’s from the horses mouth....a VTSP 3a that’s not rev 3 cannot be upgraded anymore from a 1 or a 2, as it’s “obsolete”.  
Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons
I really can't disagree with you.....pick the product that makes you happy is sound advice - (no pun intended).To clarify......When I meant "upgrades" - I didn't mean transforming the older legacy products into the latest generation offerings - I ... 
Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons
From a different angle .......I like CJ's website - offers a level of transparency with regards to upgrades, cost of upgrades, what these entail etc.... have to say the same for Rogue Audio....I really like the form factor of the Herron products -... 
NOS tube alternatives for Herron VTSP 3A r02
Any owner with info on a VTSP 3a tube position/function?What do V1 left channel/V4 corresponding rt channel, V2 left/V5 rt, , V3 left/V6 rt channel -  subserve? Which ones need to be matched?Does this amp need quad matching or just in pairs? 
Ground loop feedback - cable wire issue
"You can only do this if the preamp employs a 2-prong AC connection! "Actually, can be done with a three prong connection as well....just have to switch the live and neutral within a plug of an ac power cord, and resupply the "noisy" preamp or amp... 
Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons
Languidcrane, I don't mind at all, thank you for asking and enriching this thread.... interesting that The Herron VTSP 3A & 360 are so highly rated here....they aren't the easiest to come by used tho'.....and the VTSP 360 new is quite a chunk ... 
Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons
....loved reading all of your responses so far...thanks folks 
Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons
I felt if I narrowed it down, there’d be even fewer responses.....but Ill try - Herron VTSP 3a (revisions 1-3) vs...CJ ET3’s/ET5’s 
Ground loop feedback - cable wire issue
An unusual trick that can work wonders is to flip the AC supply polarity of the offending device, in this case the preamplifier. Chassis to ground potential difference due to internal transformer current leakage can alter considerably with changin... 
ultrasonic record cleaner
I used to own a VPI, sold it - I believe Ultrasonic is the way to go, DIY is probably most cost effective. 
Klipschorn speaker set-up
As a new owner of Khorns, I was interested and came across this discussion, and am reviving an old thread:The newer Khorns (AK5's) have their top halves sitting atop the bass enclosures, would an easy solution not be to just angle the top half toe... 
Does anyone own the Bel Canto SET 40?
What are some of the preamps being used with this 845 based power amp? 
Tube advice please.....Bel Canto Set 40
Ive owned my Bel Canto SETi 40 since 2008, & absolutely love the amp. I too use Shuguang 845T's, the metal plates sound very open, but can overheat and malfunction, I have a few pairs in stock so I don't fret over this much, and have some B's ... 
Shelter 5000/7000/9000?
This thread seems sorely underpopulated considering its 4 years old and that the topic still does not have clear answers on the web. Is there's not much enthusiasm for the newer Shelters? Except for the Absolute Sound review on issue 180 (which, B...