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Many speakers - Solution to a constant upgrading
Oops, said JVC for the horns, meant Technics SST system. 
Replace CD player or add DAC?
Tubes in the front end have certainly sweetened my system. A Jolida CD player can be had for under a thousand, or more for the fancy upgrades. I have one of each and can hear some difference, though it is not too great. A Palette preamp also would... 
Many speakers - Solution to a constant upgrading
You have hit upon the issue that I share. I have three systems set up in the same listening space. I am a tenor and listen to lots of vocal and choral music, but lots of chamber and orchestral music as well.It is really hard to beat the low power ... 
Wisconsin - Anyone interested?
Oh,you poor guys! I hope you all made it up to Green Bay in the snow without mishap.I would still like to attend, but am working in the ER today. Let's try to get a meeting together in the Madison area. Also, Roose, I am impressed with your timber... 
Using Jolida SJ-202a to biamp w/ CODA Unison 3.1?
I have done a fair amount of bi-amping, although never with Soliloquays. I have a Technics horn system which I run with a Sophia tube amp for the mid range and tweeters, and the factory solid state amp for the horn subwoofer, and find the effect p... 
Are vintage speakers really that good?
No one has mentioned how fine older Klipschhorns and Lascalas sound when combined with good quality tube amps. I am running Lascalas with a Sophia SET, and am blown away by low brass and mid range clarity with 25 year old speakers. Not that I woul... 
Cheap tweaks...What would YOU reccomend?
What in the world is a two level upgrade? Is this an order of magnitude thing? From $200 speakers to $2000 to $20000 ? What are these levels? 
Question About Low Frequency Sounds
You guys understand that the EEG measures electrical wave patterns, not physical motion. Our bodies do vibrate, and the frequencies have more to do with the heart rate and the resonances of the different body cavities and chambers. The sound produ... 
Wisconsin - Anyone interested?
I'm interested in attending . Let me know the dates 
The Best Inexpensive Wines Available Now
The St Nicholas Pinot Noir runs under $5 at Sams Club, and fits in the inexpensive wine list a lot better than anything over $16, tons better than any of the Yellow Tail wines. 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Oh boy, music which I cannot perform without a good ,long period of desensitization to get my emotions under control.Also, have any of you noticed that the emotional impact seems to increase as we get older? The Allegri "Misereri", the Brahms mote...