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Has anyone heard the 390s.....your thoughts?
Amazing player, destined to be an audio classic in my opinion. You get a 37 transport -- one of the best ever -- and now it's coupled with a killer DAC and analog section. Holographic, instruments and vocals have detail and body -- it's all there ... 
Amps for Wilson Watt Puppy 6.0?
Try to find an old Mark Levinson 27 or 27.5. It's one of the sweetest amps ML has ever made -- and a great match for the Sixes. I've heard them on the BAT VK60, too -- it sounds great. But I preferred the ML, more punch in the lower end and almost... 
Speaker Cable Length
I ask this question to several cable manufacturers, many times in past 10 days, and told any length beyond 7.5 cm will degrade sound. Am now listening to one speaker at a time. Maybe i should purchase headfones? 
Electrocompaniet EMC-1
the emc-1 is, indeed, a very good cdp at its pricepoint. to say that it is "as good as anything more expensive," however, is a useless and likely ignorant exaggeration. 
Keeping cables off the floor
glad to hear a couple of left coasters amit that this whole thread is yet another example of californication. why not just buy the audio purist connections, drain the liquid and fill with helium? hyrogen-filled weather ballons might also work to h... 
Pipedreams... Any thoughts?
[email protected]: "We...are curious about your private listening experience"? So, do you install lipstick cameras in your towers to assure that only those who appear "worthy" are allowed to listen to your over-rated and over-priced ... 
Upgrade Time Again.... please help
Redkiwi, I agree with your views on nearly all your posts, but not this one. It's tubes that impart an "unnatural" sound. That's why they sound "tubey." Solid state amps are much more apt to give you a neutral signature, which you call "mechanical... 
Have you heard about new Krell products
martinpare1: how do we know that's really you? you've been off to war, lo, these many years. could you really hear the roar of krell over all those cannon? 
CD Player w Volume control-Suggestions?
carl: who do you think really gives a damn about your *positive* feedback? i suspect you faked it, anyway. we don't need your stinkin' feedback. we can see you for what you are every night. live. disgusting. dishonest. cowardly. congatulations on ... 
Feelings on Napster?
carl, you're such a clever fellow. one can only wonder how the world ever got on before your birth. i would never have thought of the significance of my user name were it not for your ingenious sleuthing. 
Feelings on Napster?
better check the mirror, carl. i think your nose must be very dark brown. it doesn't become you. 
King Cobra vs. FIM ?????
[email protected]: i have tried the fim cable, as well as the ic's and cords. BTW, this thread appears to be only about pc's. anyway, i agree that the fim is first-rate and outdoes a lot of stuff that's more expensive. soon as i have the $$, going to ... 
King Cobra vs. FIM ?????
Marklivia : with fim you get tinkerbell, too. she cuts all the crap outta the current. and, if you're really nice, she'll turn on a light when you open the door to your refrigerator! 
Why Is Krell the a bad work???
No_money: the word you were searching for is "critique." no, you're wrong this time. i have heard lotsa krell. sounds like crap to me. 
Why Is Krell the a bad work???
No_money: you're right. even tho i've not heard your system, to me it sounds like crap.