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Absorption, Diffusion or a combination of it all?
@erik_squires  Hi Erik. That is mostly correct. My room is right on the edge of small to medium so my acoustician designed it to sound bigger than it is. There is no drywall in the room. The walls behind the speakers have Rockwool in between the ... 
Absorption, Diffusion or a combination of it all?
@audphile1  I would suggest a consultation from an acoustician. Jeff at hdacoustics is very good. Duke LeJeune recommend him to me. He can analyze your room for you. He designed my room and it turned out amazing. Good luck !  
Absorption, Diffusion or a combination of it all?
@erik_squires  i beg to differ on an all absorptive room sounding terrible. I think it depends on the room. My room was designed by an acoustician and I built it. I would love to have you over for a listen. I think it will really surprise you. If... 
Thanks to Paul McGowan
Ya leave all posts up ! We are all supposed to be adults here and they are only words. Geez   
Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?
Hello all. Is the Chesky test cd on Qobuz ? I couldn’t find it. Thanks !   
Spending a month's salary
@tee_dee  I have the node 130 with the Teddy Pardo LPS and I also have the Boulder 866 with the optional DAC. It is a fantastic integrated and the DAC inside is the same as their high end stand alone DAC. It is very good. I think you would be ver... 
Good speakers for Parasound Halo JC1
Hi @mikempls  I toured PS Audio and listened to the FR 30s in their listening room. They played clean even at high volume but the bass wasn’t there and the soundstage wasn’t as big as I would like. Maybe it was the room but I think you can do bet... 
Good speakers for Parasound Halo JC1
Be sure to visit the Rockport speakers room even though they are a bit above your budget. Outstanding speaker. Enjoy Axpona !   
Used vs. new
I heard the big B&W speakers at Axpona with McIntosh gear and they sounded amazing! There is also a dealer 30 min away and they sound great there too. I think you will be happier with the larger version 802s. Good luck !   
Feedback QLN Prestige Three Speakers Requested
@bluethinker66  If you have an open floor plan I’m not sure how effective REW is. Maybe someone who has measured an open floor plan can chime in. Also speaker placement is huge in determining sound quality. There is a system called Sumiko Master ... 
Feedback QLN Prestige Three Speakers Requested
I forgot to tell you the one thing you will need is a microphone like U mik   
Feedback QLN Prestige Three Speakers Requested
@bluethinker66  I am also fairly new to this wonderful world we are in. I used REW ( room eq wizard) to measure my room. It’s a free software program you can download. I had a local member with experience with it come over to help me run it. It’s... 
Feedback QLN Prestige Three Speakers Requested
@bluethinker66  Your room will have as much to do with the bass or more than anything else. Have you measured your rooms frequency response  at the listening position to check for room modes?   
Warm, Lush Laid-Back Smaller Floor Standers?
Pull the trigger and get the new Acora speakers! They will fill that giant room up nicely. Good luck!  
Outlets and Wire Gauge? - Please help!
Ya why all the post deletions? Is it @jea48 posts getting deleted? His input and knowledge are always well received and appreciated.