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What settings for a Marantz SA-10?
An old post, but I wanted to reply to phillyb and his comment about turning down he headphone gain on the SA10. I gave that a try and the sound really did benefit. As if some noise had been filtered out. Going through the manual, Marantz actually ... 
"World's Best Cables" vs Audioquest interconnects
I've been breaking in new pair Cardas interconnects for the last week. I don't really need to know why they change sound over that time period. But, Cardas is glad to provide one for those that need an explanation. 
Speaker cable
I remember decades ago buying spools of speaker cable at Radio Shack . One leg had a silver look. Strictly to identify + and - . Don't think it's any more than that.  
Can't Find Offer
An offer 10% under asking price sounds reasonable to me too. This ad said the cables are 35% off list price. So I took 35% off their suggested list price, and that was my offer that was rejected.  Maybe I will message them to see if they are taki... 
Can't Find Offer
Yes, on the listing page I clicked Make an Offer. It then took me to the page with my address where I put in the offer. I clicked Submit Offer. A window came up to confirm, which I did. Then nothing. Tried again this morning with the same offer. ... 
Should I use the dac in my node2i or the one in a marantz av7705?
I have the Node 2i. Mostly listen with the RCA output going into a Marantz PM-10 amp. I also have it connected to a Marantz SA-10 by a digital coax cable. The sound is pretty similar. The SA-10 DAC does seem to have a bit more detail and space.  ... 
Who will soon be going to a live concert?
We just saw Rhiannon Giddens last week. Proof of vaccination required (and checked). And it was an outdoor concert so we felt pretty safe. From her comments, it sounded like this was her first public performance in a long time. And her partner, Fr... 
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
The Ohm Walsh Tall speakers. Some good reviews, but so unconventional in design. Really would like to hear them in person.  
Desktop DAC/Amp
I use the Blusound Powernode with a 2nd (bedroom) system. Gives you an amp, DAC and streamer in one small box. Sounds very nice with KEF speakers. 
Is D for Dry? Class D...
My Marantz PM10 sounds pretty good compared to the Luxman I had before. The Luxman was a bit warmer, but the Marantz has a more powerful bass, bigger, deeper soundstage, more revealing. 
Power Conditioner vs A/C cables
I've had difficulty hearing much difference between power cords. (Not so with interconnects, speaker cable). But when I bought an Audioquest Niagara 1200 conditioner, the difference was pretty obvious. Actually took me a while to adjust to the noi... 
All things being equal (hypothetical) which do you prefer, XLR or RCA?
Over the past year, I've had a couple of opportunities to compare RCA vs XLR interconnects of the same brand/model, length (1 meter). The XLR's definately sound better in my system. More open, solid image, detail. Connected between a Marantz SA-10... 
Anybody know where to score a copy of the 2016 Eli and the thirteenth Confession SACD?
Acoustic Sounds is showing in stock (limited).http://https//  
Oppo UDP-205 Op Amp, Linear Power Supply
I had my 205 modded by Ric Schultz of EVS. Make a noticeable difference, quieter, deeper sound stage. He did more than just the power supply.Now I'm interested in trying the Vibrapods! 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Joan Osborne...and then some others:Bonnie RaittNora Jones