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Best rock song of all times
Fire and Water by Free has it all for me. Pounding drums, great vocal and guitar.But the earlier mention of Little Wing had me thinking. My favorite Hendrix song, it almost transcends rock music. In its own category. 
Quality Internet Radio Tuner
I found a refurbished Node 2 at a good price and ordered that. Should sound better than the internet radios I was looking at. An as mentioned, it gives me the option of trying streaming services down the road. I'm very interested in getting it int... 
Quality Internet Radio Tuner
Thanks for the replies. Good to know that internet radio can sound excellent, but not from the Sangean. 
Hendrix blues
To comment on some of the previous posts. The Hendrix BBC recordings are currently available on CD and Vinyl. And Hendrix In The West. I remember having the record in the 1970's. Wore it out back then. I wanted to replace with CD, and was excited ... 
Hendrix reissues sound pretty good
I've been waiting a while now (6 months or more?) for the AYE SACD to be released. Keeps getting delayed. I have the Axis SACD and it sounds sensational. Best I've heard it. So my expectations are high. 
I'm having a really hard time with: "Power cable reduced my soundstage"...
Over the years I've upgraded interconnects, speaker cables and power cords. (Mostly Cardas at this point). To my ears, the power cords have been the hardest to hear differences. Lower noise floor, a bit smoother highs.  
Cambridge 851C vs Oppo 205
Interesting post. I also got a 205 from the last run. Sent it to Ric at EVS for his mods. Came back sounding more open and quiet. The 205 sound did take a long play time to smooth out. Seemed like 100's of hours.Kind of at a dead end now, as I wan... 
Stop Making Sense Revisited
Sounds great on the BluRay disc. And the visual is very entertaining. Amazing what they could do with such a simple set. And their energy level is so high! 
How did a bands' name originate?
The Rolling Stones named themselves after a Muddy Waters song. 
How did a bands' name originate?
The group Chicago was actually named after the transit authority in Chicago. After releasing their first album, they were threatened with a lawsuit by the Chicago Transit Authority, so they shortened their name to Chicago. 
Great New Linda Ronstadt Live
I'd sure like to see a Blu-Ray release of this concert, with the newly found  mastering. 
Hendrix 50th Anniversary Electric Ladyland Box Release
More about the cover. According to the liner notes in this new 50th anniversary release, Hendrix wanted the cover to be a photo taken in Central Park with him and children around a sculpture, taken by Linda Eastman (soon McCartney). Reprise ignore... 
With Internet radio, (streaming) do AM\FM tuners serve any purpose in HEA?
I do enjoy my Rotel RT-1084 tuner. Especially for the HD radio. I'm in the Philadelphia suburbs and get the Penn and Temple college stations, like mentioned above. Quite a cross section of music. Sound is mostly excellent, but not always.  
The first song I think of is Tracy Nelson singing "Down So Low". Linda Ronstadt covered the song, but to me it didn’t have the power of the original.Another great female singer is Joan Osbourne. Soul, R&B, blues. She’s great with all of them. ... 
Oppo UD 205
The high prices are called supply and demand. Supply is capped, but there is still a big demand. I don’t think someone is a fool for paying more then the list price, If they have weighed other options and can afford it. The list price was consider...