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What will beat ear 834p by a margin
I am interested in another phono stage like yourself. At this point, a retube of the 834 is due for mine. When the day comes that I have disposable income for another phono stage..........I plan on keeping the 834. Haven't heard all the phono stag... 
2nd Rowland Model 1 to improve my Aerial 10Ts?
Like Richards.........I once owned a pair of Model 1's bridged.....driving Duetta Sigs. Great sound. Eventually traded the 1's in on a Model 8....which had a lot more oomph. The Duettas needed more than 60 watts per side......and in bridged mode, ... 
Do you know of small speakers that sound ''BIG'' ?
Totem Mani-2's. Used to own a pair.....went more effecient speakers. Wish I still owned them. Takes a lot of watts to drive them.....but big sound, big bass. Great monitor. 
Gene Pitney RIP
Another vote for It Hurts to be In Love. 
Thread Size Of Spikes For Von Schweikert Speakers
I don't know....but if you email Albert (go to his site for contact info).....he will probably respond in reasonable time. He has been very helpful and quick to respond to questions I have had in the past. 
Apogee Duetta Sig + Sonic Frontiers Power 2 SE
Duetta Sigs really like high powered balls to the walls SS amps. I once used a pair of Rowland 1's strapped in mono (240 watts per side) to power Duettas.....and a Rowland 8 (250 watt stereo) blew them away. I didn't listen at gosh awful levels...... 
One Level High One Shelf LP Storage
I believe you could get that in a Billy Bags or Boltz configuration.....they might be somewhat expensive. 
Speakers that work with Atma-sphere M60 amps.
Von Schweikerts work well also. 
Best monoblocks around 3-4k used for revel studios
Have seen Rowland model 7's listed in that price range. Great sounding and beautiful to look at. 
Best Genesis Album - your opinions please.
My response was to Bdgregory: Lamb, Selling England, and Foxtrot. 
Best Genesis Album - your opinions please.
His picks are the best. Best long song? Supper's Ready. Best short song: Anyway.....Carpet Crawlers. 
Your First System
Marantz 2235 receiver, Marantz turntable, Marantz bookshelf speakers......with the supplied patch cord.....circa 1974. 
Your favorite but unknown
Camel: Moonmadness (vinyl). Mid 70's progressive rock featuring the keyboards of Peter Bardens and the melodic guitar of Andy Latimer. One of the best progressive rock albums of all time.....but which came out at a time when short FM pop tunes had... 
Tube amplifier match for Totem Mani-2
The VTL's ought to work well. I had Mani-2's which sounded great with solid state amplification. I tried some Cary SE 300's with the Mani-2's.....and the sound was fantastic. Small room, not real loud. The experience with the Cary's led me to find...