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Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Mike Moreno, Between the Lines Eyolf Dale, Return to Mind Both great modern jazz recordings, great performers, and both stunning, and tonality beautiful studio captures of evocative and nuanced interactions of these great musicians.  
Takedown of pricey servers, streamers OCD HiFi guy
Allo Digione, RPi 3b+ Transport. Galvanic isolation, super low jitter, many software options, flexible platform. $250. Sounds amazing.   
Looking for some new floor standing speakers
I’m wondering if larger Totems would sound good with your range of listening. How loud do you like to go? Or is tone more in consideration? I have totems, but am currently auditioning some used Quad Z3’s. And wow, they sound good with everything I... 
How old are you?
51 (going on 52). Had a great system with refurb DCM time windows and an old Kenwood amp before and during grad school...amp died and had crappy receivers until about age 49, just recently getting a new(ish) serious system together that gets back ... 
Purifi Class D: Junk?
How...prey tell...is this in any way at all helping madavid0?God help us. 
Purifi Class D: Junk?
Consider trying an XTZ Edge? Ice power, I know...but very well received by many, and has a gain adjustment to help match with most pre(s):https://www.xtzsound.com/reviews/edge-a2-300 
Small Footprint (compact) amp to power speakers?
all the suggestions here are really great...but If you’re willing to go separates (or even straight out of a dac/pre) XTZ ice power amp has had great reviews and is only $500:https://www.xtzsound.com/product/edge-a2-300 
Amplifier suggestions please
Someone earlier here mentioned class D with some great mentions....along those same lines, GaN (gallium nitride) based amps - which are a new variation to “class D” or chip amp - that are touted to be excellent sounding amps with low heat and smal... 
Is it my amp or my speakers?
I had Tekton Lore reference speakers. I was at a tipping point, as I’d initially heard Tektons with a tube amp...but had always favored solid state. Moving to/investing in a quality tube rig was just not in the budget, nor doable with our house se... 
How it works! From a common man.
This only increases my absurd curiosity for nano-tweaking all the little corners of my system. Been doing it with tiny isolation adjustments that do wholeheartedly reveal themselves.  Curious as to how many here have noticed palpable improvements ... 
Speaker cabels for dark sounding speakers?
Encountered something similar when we got a larger couch in the living room. Getting a smaller rug actually worked. Brought back some life without sacrificing some control over those first reflections.  
smaller speakers for critical listening?
+1 jl35 and +1 Russ I struggled with this some time ago...as I had some tekton lore reference that I loved, but simply over-energized my space. I was considering some monitors on stands, but found a great deal on some Totem Arros. Not nearly on th... 
$7000 preamp vs $700 receiver - Is the difference THAT significant?
This thread has probably long since been exhausted...but has anyone here spoken about receivers made by Outlaw Audio? Curious how those might compare to the others mentioned. I’ve heard nothing but great things in terms of SQ. 
Baby Proof Floorstanding Speakers
I got a set of these in a smaller set, they’re amazing. I wonder if the larger set might help in your case?https://www.nsmt-loudspeakers.com/content/speaker-outriggersGreat folks, super helpful. I would bet they’d even customize what you might nee... 
Good Inexpensive Multi Plug
@turnbowm I’ve looked at the Zero Surge products, and you’ve been the second person here to recommend them. Surge suppression is not really my concern, just the effect that cheaper filters can have on a system. Again, straight in the wall, better ...