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Best 845 tube out there?
Reviving this excellent thread. I just got MasterSound PF100 845 monoblocks which take eight 845 tubes. They came with basic Shuguangs and I was thinking about upgrading. Elrogs, considering I need eight, are too expensive. Has anyone tried LinLai... 
The New Western Electric 845 Replicas
Bump for 845 recommendations. My monoblocks take 8 845’s and I’m looking for reasonable recommendations. Are the PSVane 845-T II’s sufficient or will I hear a noticeable improvement with WE, ACME, Elrog, etc.? Thanks.  
Pioneer S-1EX Loudspeaker
Reviving an old threat. I have all five channels, the 1’s, 2’s and 7 center. It’s funny that I bought these before I got into two-channel audio. Since then I’ve spent a bunch of time and money building other two-channel systems and now I realize t... 
The New Western Electric 845 Replicas
Any updates on these WE845 tubes? Looking to tube roll my 845 amp. Thanks for,your recommendations.  
Recent upgrade to Cronus Magnum
How much did the Amperex (1960) Tubes cost?  
Does anyone own the Bel Canto SET 40?
Reviving an old thread. I just picked up a restored SET 40 and would love to hear your speaker suggestions as well as preamp suggestions. I am using a Conrad Johnson ET3SE and also have a Tube Linear Audio MicroZotl, but some have said the SET 40 ... 
Integrated Amplifier for FOCAL 807VW speakers
Reviving an old thread. I got a pair of 807W's a few weeks ago. Last night, I plugged a Nad 2400THX integrated (seems to be conservatively rated at 100wpc) into them and I couldn't turn the volume up much past 1.5 notches (around 7:30 on the clock...