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What are the best Room Accustic Treaments members have found?
GIK is the best! The free consultation is very helpful. Don't believe anyone who says that something thinner than a GIK panel can treat your room. It can't. It's physics. 
Unsolvable Woofer Pumping (Phono only)
You need a subsonic filter. In the past many phono stages had them built in with no bypass switch. No idea why they have become optional. The pumping is the vertical movements of the cartridge being translated into low freq audio and then being ma... 
New Gallo Strata's sound like tin-cans: break-in time problem?
Gosh, the opinions.... if you are running 200 watts per channel that was sufficiently loud into your Maggies into these and they're barely above conversation level, then they're faulty. Period. Especially if you have your preamp turned all the way... 
Whats your take on a NAD 3020, I truly believe it defined stereo and still does!
I had a 3040 many years ago. I used it to power Boston A40's at home and some large home made speakers for parties where a lot of metal and dance music was played loudly :) The speaker EQ function was perfect for the Bostons. The 70Hz setting made... 
Dust cap pushed in by kiddos... best home remedy?
I would pop it out with two pins. 
This question is aimed to TRUE Elec Engineers, not fuse or wire directionality believers.
@cakyolPlease look at the link I posted. It should answer your questions regarding the use of solid state relays in audio amps.   
This question is aimed to TRUE Elec Engineers, not fuse or wire directionality believers.
Take a look at this link: http://sound.whsites.net/articles/mosfet-relay.htm 
In need high-efficency speakers
Where the volume control is pointing has NOTHING AT ALL to do with power. It is relative to gain. Turn it up. 
Recommendations for CDP < $300
The Onkyo 7030 is an excellent player for the price (I have one that I use for testing when I do repairs to amps). Very reliable and well made. It is perhaps a touch bright in it's delivery, but when you are ready for better, you can always add an... 
North Carolina Audio Club
@slaw I'm in Cary. 
North Carolina Audio Club
@slaw - you know, I stupidly didn't check the date. I just emailed him and got snubbed (and pissed off) :)Thanks, I'd like to be a part of the group. 
North Carolina Audio Club
Thought you all would like to know that my request to join this group was denied by twochannel_guy because I am a DIY’er in addition to being an audio enthusiast. Yet another elitist group. I am so done with all this attitude.  
Art Dudley Calls B.S. but without naming names - PLEASE DO!
@andrewmg - I tried a Cary Audio preamp once. It was really noisy and had a ton of crosstalk between inputs. When I opened it up I realized why. Very poor PCB layout with ridiculously long traces and no ground traces between them.I also did some a... 
North Carolina Audio Club
@rbwinterlink - I have a pair of MG1.6 that are needing a tweeter refurbished as well as new side rails. If you're interested we can talk. 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
It is absolute crap. What is with the circular "porthole" images?