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What piece(s) of gear did you sell/give away that you would like to have back?
Sold my Denon AU S-1 SUT year's ago! Been kicking myself for that bonehead move!  
Cartridge forgiving of "non-audiophile" recordings and pressings
I have found that my AT ART 9 does what the  OP is looking for. I have tried a few throughout the years and this cart is probably my last. Cheers, Doug  
Iso Acoustics tweak for regarding P9 or probably any rega table
I stand corrected. I should have said, I have tried everything under  $500 CDN. And the Iso Acoustic Indigo feet are unlike anything rubber. Cheers, Doug  
Iso Acoustics tweak for regarding P9 or probably any rega table
I have tried every foot combo, isolation platform that is known to man! The best by far is Ikea bamboo boards with the Iso Acoustic Indigo feet!Cheers, Doug  
Miyajima Magnetism
The magnetism on my AT ART9 can pick up stray nails from a roofing job!So, I would assume your Miyajima Spirit is perfectly normal.Cheers, Doug 
Very cheap rega p2/p3 tweak
I have tried Dynamat on the motor, and the subplatter. It definitely made things quieter. I then went from that to a double stick pad for the motor from Herbies, and a Groovetracer subplatter. That was much better.Cheers, Doug 
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ...
My Art9 is breaking nicely. Got about 13 hrs on it. Had some guys over last night and when I played a older regular pressing of Valdy (Cdn folk singer), one of the guys told me that he has heard him live several times; 5 rows away at one time,... 
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ...
Well I got 6 hrs on this cart so far. It has very similar dimensions to the Dl-301 so installation was a snap. Oh, I stuck a little dab of blue tack on the nuts and stuck in place on the cart so screwing the screws from the top was a breeze! O... 
cart height
I tried a few VTA settings to no avail. So I decided to recheck my alignment, and take my time. You see, I can can set up a Denon DL301mk2 - Dyna 10x5 and a few others lickity split! But I found out how critical a severe stylus shape can be to ali... 
cart height
The cart is a Soundsmith retipped Denon DL-S1, alignment with a Mint protractor on a Audiomods Classic arm. I tried 1.15 to 1.5g VTF as well. 
Just got my new Quest plinth for my Rega P3
I went with the Quest because it is 2in solid Birch ply. And it also came with acrylic cone feet and switch. And by the way, the Audiomods arm is fantastic! 
Dynavector 17D3 with a Denon AU300LC SUT
Thanks for the responses. I just feel that if I can build this in small steps, and still enjoy it, I will be ahead of the game! My speakers are Golden Ear Triton Two's. 
Upgrades for Rega P3. Worth it?
The biggest bang I got for my P3 was the GT subplatter, GT Delrin platter, and the Michael Lim motor isolation base. And of course, the 24v motor upgrade.