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Triode Wire Labs interconnects vs Acoustic BBQ? vs Mad Scientist?
TWL and Mad Scientist are both Excellent and different. TWL is natural Mad Scientist more detailed.  
Higher End DACs
No doubt the T&A is a wonderful jack of all trades and priced accordingly. We were chosen to sell the Aqua line  as well. Our reasoning was price point and  upgrade ability. For Preamp service we carry Lamm and Audio Hungary. We stream Radio t... 
What are the best speakers in the world?
The best speaker in the world is what is best for you. Do specs determine the best ? Size ? Looks ? NO !Tonal accuracy, harmonic structure and Timbre determine the best. So for me it would be MBL Extremes. If you cannot afford those check out Anal... 
Frustrated with Vinly
Well for us the Kirmuss ultrasonic cleaner worked wonders. Actually restored some LPs. Not an fast process however the BEST we ever used. We are Kirmuss dealers. Once you experience an LP cleaned with this machine your gonna be very happy. Love th... 
Recommendation for an audiophile speaker cord that is not "bright"?
Triode Wire Labs has a natural non hyped top end. NOT BRIGHT. charles 
Ditching Roon going back to BluOS for Bluesound Node 2i
Not a Roon fan. We use iPeng. We believe it sounds better and is less expensive. Streaming Qobuz with Innuos  Zenith mk3 server is a breeze. charles 
Should I sell my DAC
Either sell it and buy better or send it to Modright. Dans work is something special. Check it out. Also check out Border Patrol SE DAC. The line we sell Aqua Acoustic is better however more money. Rollo Audio [email protected] 
Innuos - New Re-Clocker
We are NYC dealers for Innuos. Hopefully we will be getting our Phoenix order shortly. Just so popular everyone wants one. We offer in home demo. [email protected] 
Higher End DACs
Innuos Statement or Zenith mk3 with {Phoenix re-clocker mated to a Aqua Acoustic DAC. Either the La Scala or Formula xHD2.1. Future proof user upgradeable DACs. The Innuos servers are also upgradeable. Rollo Audio Consulting [email protected] 
Higher End DACs
For the Innuos Zenith mk3 server paired with either the Aqua Acoustic La Scala DAC or Formula xHD2.1 DAC is the combo to beat. If in NY come by for a listen. Or the Innuos Statement serverpaired with the La Scala is well just crazy good. 
Capital Audio Fest 2018--show report
As the guy who ran the Lamm, Arion Aqua room the pot comment is just not right and unfounded. Unfounded and slanderous comments hurt peoples business. As far as the ribbon speakers. There were no ribbon speakers. They are Hiel HVT drivers at 105db... 
Power Chords better than TWL at the price?
The TWL power cords changed my system. previous cords used were Omega active, Siltech, JPS Labs, Kimber Palladdian and Tara. The TWL cords in direct comparison offer a blacker background, natural tonality and harmonic structure. sibilance with fe... 
Know anything about the BSG Technologies QOL?
Thanks Preale. OK my bad need to buy large size. 
Know anything about the BSG Technologies QOL?
Bought the small Hifi Tuning Supreme fuse. It does not fit. Bummer. Is it the fuse at the IEC ?? Mine is a standard size. Is there another inside the Qol ??  
Know anything about the BSG Technologies QOL?
Sorry to hear of your misfortune. However it is damaged goods. You did agree to the terms when purchased. BSG has every right to deny a return. As a new company though perception is the key. I have mixed feelings about this.