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Best debut album
Soft Machine “Third” or Frank Zappa’s Yellow Shark 
Does altitude change the sound of speakers??
I don’t know about altitude changing sound...but what about attitude? 
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
I want to thank all of you for sharing.  Your responses have given me a lot to think about (and some hope) concerning my hearing issues.  It's almost like the floodgates opened up with so many of you sharing your stories on the thread.  After all,... 
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
Thank you guys.  I guess this is the kind of stuff I need to "hear"!  When you first get tinnitus, for whatever reason, it can become very all-consuming.  My next step will be to go to a hearing specialist.  What I worry about the most is having t... 
Wow an old album that rocked your world
You mean like the time I swear I levitated while listening to Surealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane in 1966! 
Religious music for less than devout
john Lennon "Imagine" 
Most Musical 6NS7 tube for a Preamp?
My vote is for the Ultraverve also.  I have had mine for about 12 years and, as a result, have tried an amazing number of different vintage 6sn7’s. There are at least a dozen really good ones...each with their own personalities.  That said, each o... 
Ehernet cable question in streaming systems
sailboat"sigh..... shame so many folks don't understand how digital music actually works."Sheesh! How does the above statement help anybody?  We all have to learn and I thought that this is what this sight is for!  I suppose you could say anything... 
Ehernet cable question in streaming systems
would you get Supra over, let's say, Audioquest cinnamon? 
What should I choose??
I appreciate those of you who talked about listening room acoustics.  I think that is the next thing I will do before I replace my existing amp and speakers. "Bryston and B&W would not be a good fit." p05129Regarding the above comment...I have... 
B&W 802D3
I have had the B&W 802d's for about 12 years. I think they are great speakers.  You have realize that this speaker doesn't make any sound of its own...just meticulously reproduces what it is given. If you have a bad recording then these speake... 
Best 6NS7 Preamp for a Pass Labs XA25 amp
I agree with mboldda1The Ultraverve never fails to amaze me.  I use mine with a vintage 5692 6sn7 military tube.  It also sounds great with the usual suspects: Tung sol round plate GT, Raytheon vt-231, Sylvania W,  Kara, the designer of the Ultrav... 
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
deHavilland Ultraverve tube preamp.  Simple, solid, really nice sound.  Uses four tubes.  The one 6sn7 tube gives this preamp its signature voicing.  I prefer vintage GT's, and military 6sn7's.  Point to point wiring. Nothing fancy, just solid wit... 
Power Cable from wall to my conditioner?
@f1status1    My best advice is to start at the source and take your time. If you can create a dedicated line for your system that is a great start. But if you can't do that, a quality dedicated wall receptacle for the source of your system is a g... 
Power Cable from wall to my conditioner?
Steakster...If I may ask, what is the relative cost of the Cerious power cable that you recommend?  Thanks, Jim