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Mono/Stereo Carts?
Thanks for the input.I recently found several Frank Sinatra,Julie London era LPs that are in excellent condition.All are mono but clean up very nicely with my Nitty Gritty some are even sealed.I do have a mono switch.I have had some bad luck befor... 
Cartridge for a Rega P5?
Thanks for the helpful responses.Further study has narrowed my choices down to the Micro Benz Glider SL and the Dynavector 20XL.I have heard from several sources that 20XL matches the P5 very well.Will either or both of these carts need a 2.5 mm s... 
Review: Wadia 170i Transport Transport
I have a Classe SSP-300,inside it is a AK4393 24/96 DAC. 128x oversampling.Is anyone here familiar with this DAC? I plan to run the Wadia through the Classe,how will this effect the sound?Thanks 
Thiel CS3.6 Amp
I am using Classe Cam-350 to drive my Thiel CS6s and find it very satisfactory.Previously I had tried smaller amps that just would not warm up the Thiels now I have a great sound. 
Classe CAV-500 or Anthem P5
I love the my Classe Cam-350s.I sought the mono blocks out because I liked the tonal quality of my Classe CA-5100.The CAM 350s are totally awesome!I am now considering going stereo 
Which one defines sound: Pre amp or Power amp?
I am considering using the C220 to direct my Classe Cam-350s,Rel Stentor and Thiel CS6s.I was thinking of using the Balanced connections for this while still allowing my Classe SSP-300 to drive my surround system unbalanced...... 
Which Sub. Rel B-1 or Fathom F-113
I am curious how the Velodyne DD series compares.I do believe that the room is the biggest factor,then our personnel preferences and then our systems.I am a two channel listener,I have Thiel CS6s driven by Classe Cam-350s in a 22'x25'x11.5' room.I... 
Buying used old cables
I bought an old pair of 12'single hard wire Audioquest SC.They run from Classe Cam-350s to Thiel CS6s.I have tried a few other SC including AP Oval 9.Nothing has been able to out perform the old cheap straight wire. 
Interconnects Audience or Analysis Plus
Thank you for the replies.I now have a much better sense of the qualities that Audience offers.As for AP,I had tried the AP micro interconnects and AP Oval 9 SC.The micros made a tremendous,startling improvement.The Oval 9 SC did not work in my sy... 
? about oppo
Go Oppo! I currently have a Oppo 981,it replaced an Elite 47ai which replaced a Sony Es,the oppo outperforms both......easily and obviously.I do wish the 981 had 7.1 output,the 983 does.Oppo is the way. 
Best Mid-Priced DVD/SACD/DVD-A/HDCD Player?
I would say the Oppo 981 is quite amazing.I replaced a Pioneer Elite with the Oppo,the Oppo sounded much better for CDs,SACDs and audio DVDs.The video is also far superior.I also prefer the Oppo to my Rotel CD player.I have Thiel CS6s powered by C... 
I have a 7.1 preamp,is there a 7.1 dvd player?
I have a 7.1 Classe processor with an Oppo 981 player.The Oppo only puts out 5.1.How do I get the rear speakers to double up with the surrounds?Thanks 
Yes,Pubul57, there is truth in some watts sound better than other watts.No,Jmcgrogan2, I am not thinking out loud,there are many here that have already experienced what I am about to experience and some that can give good sound advice to help me i... 
Both are Thiel speakers,the SC6 is,I believe rated at 86db and the new 3.7 at 90db.I have heard the 3.7s through three different amps,Krell and two different Classe,one of which was mine.The SC6 I heard through an Arcam 85 amp, in a barren unfinis... 
Both speakers are 4ohm Thiels,I believe they go down to 2.3 ohm.