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Hello Guys,
mastering92 did your enter button get stuck? All the blank space is extremely annoying. No one wants to be that annoying.  
Took the lithium ion battery plunge
It looks like an inverter is built-in  
Anthem vs Arcam
I wouldn’t necessarily set a limit at 7 channels. Nine channels with front wides is well worth considering. They are not in your face like some prefer, but they add an extra dimension between fronts and surrounds. 9.2.4 is worth planning for and ... 
13.2, 5.1 and so on. "the best seat in the house"
but nothing coming from the rear. Well for a start that is entirely wrong. Unless of course you are out in an open field. There is always going to be sound reflected from the rear wall. You are just not aware of it.  That is exactly what Dolby... 
You know when you are dealing with a BS company....
russ69 "You can expect a 15% to 20% improvement in sound for each level as you move up the line." I think you are misunderstanding what they are saying. I think they are saying that there is a 15-20% difference between each level of cable. Not ... 
New Pink Floyd release
clearthinker Never did get The Floyd. It's not particularly hard. You go out and buy something or download it. You might even broaden your horizons and realise what you are missing. EvenClearerThinker  
World's Best Stereo System ?...
Is that thing even audiophile quality? Looks likes like it belongs on a sound stage rather than in someone's home. Do you really want the sound bouncing off the wall behind it as well as coming directly toward you? Can't imagine how it would sound.  
The problem with absorption panels- it kills the fine details
So I’ve concluded I really don’t need all that crap on the walls. It might be necessary in the recording studio where microphones are employed. The human brain is capable of amazing things the microphone cannot. Don't make the mistake of thinki... 
Is there anything better than live recordings?
A live recording in a controlled environment such as a recording studio without any shenanigans is the ideal option.  
Subwoofer boom is too much for me...
Something like this is better. Available in most size.      
Why don't higher end amplifiers come with a separate power chassis?
Frankly I don't see how marginally dripping the voltage with a tiny resistor is going to achieve anything.  
A free tweak revisited
Oddly it makes no difference to me. But then that my approach with everything.   
Why don't higher end amplifiers come with a separate power chassis?
Is pro equipment up to critical listening standards?  
Can I connect multiple sources to an external DAC
I have a Bluesound Node that's connected to a Topping D90SE DAC through USB. The Bluesound recognises the DAC, which can be selected.  I have two CD players connected to the DAC, one with Optical and the other with Coax.  The desired input can b... 
Why don't higher end amplifiers come with a separate power chassis?
The only reason not to is cost. The reason to is mains isolation. The distance between them is irrelevant provided a shielded cable of suitable gauge is provided. Yes shielded as DC is easily contaminated. If you don't have separates, and you're ...