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Integrateds: Why do they all SUCK?
I went from Gryphon Pandora + Mephisto seperates to Pass Int-250 to create more living space in my living room and not missing them a bit. 
Price for the new Wilson Audio Sasha 2 speaker
Rpeluso,Thanks for the wise and true advise. Still, this is a very basic financial decision about spending as low as possible and getting as much as possible. It is not about always trying to get the new model. In fact it is opposite of that. I am... 
Some merchandise can not be judged by its material cost. The end result and how that end result holds with the competitions justifies the result.If you can beat a market leader at a price range, meaning the general public agrees so, you can put a ... 
most accurate loudspeakers....
Most of the producers and big studios use ATC while they record and mix. For home use I believe they are toooooooo flat. No salt, no sugar, no spice. Simply flat. But professionals like ATC because they give them confidence for the final product. ... 
Naim Audio - Threat or menace?
There is "Naim"....and "others" in hifi. 
Can I use British type mains cable in Europe?
thank you guys for fast responses. 
VA vs. Watts? How much power do I need? Power cond
Thank you all, very very much. Especially Gs5556 for suggestions. Parkcaka 
using ipod as source and very low output
thank you guys for the info. I'll buy the dock tomorrow and see if my primaluna and ipod can be friends. for the headphones, can you just give me a reasonably priced model(shures maybe)? like about 100-150$. and one last question. what do you use ... 
Someone please explain the logic of upgrades
You are also forgetting a point. If the company uses the best upgrades for its 2.000$ amp than how is he going to sell his 5.000$ or 20.000$ reference amps. 5.000$ amp should sound clearly better than 2000$ amp in to justify its additional cost. S... 
VDH Ampere value on AC wires...help me please...
so what may be the potential disadvantage of using a 6 amperes cable with a low powered amp? 
Van den hul integration - interconnect?
Thank you both. It was a pleasure to hear obj. views for both cables. 
what is a "tape loop"?
thank you james. i was hoping that i can use tape loops for driving a power amp. So from what i get from your explanation i can't do that. Will i do any harm to the Audio Refinement integrated or the power amp even if i give it a try? what are you... 
Kimber Hero vs Nordost Blue Heaven vs VDH mk iii
thank you again everyone. i decided on kimber hero.çoço 
window near my listening point and excessive bass
thank you very much, all of you. I will try your advices. Hope they work on me.cagdas 
Kimber Hero vs Nordost Blue Heaven vs VDH mk iii
Thank you for sharing your experiences. So as a result all responses valued nordost more than kimber.I live in a country where you cant take cables at home for a trial period so i am going to buy the interconnects without trying on my system. My a...