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Advice on switching to separates
just to add another alternative to my initial question, have recently found out about possible layoff by yearend and now looking at selling off some equipment for financial reasons. i have Omega super 6 alnicos in storage that i had used in a sepa... 
Should I try separates
thanks for everyones response. suppose its best to just enjoy what i have right now. tried the mortgage route to fund a system already. got turned down. ha ha 
Best CD I've heard so far 2011.........
I"ll second the Warren Haynes cd. Actually have it on vinyl. 
Blue Moon Award for Burson Audio's new DAC/Preamp
wish it had toslink input 
Decware - any substance here?
find the mini torii very enjoyable. also oun zdac with the gain stage which i find to be a fabulous combo. Gain stage acts almost like a preamp which can add body to a recording especially at lower to med volumes 
Best Rock Album in 2010
i will second new PF 
Jolida Fx10
can anyone give me the dimensions of this integrated. assume you dont have to use the glass enclosure. would need ht height especially with and without glass . need to get it into a tight fitting area if possible .plan on using with Omega speakers... 
Best Record Store In New York
Bleeker Street Records has decent vinyl. all music 
new Transatlantic cd "The Whirlwind"
its called bridge across forever and yes i would say it is the best way to intrduce yourself to their music. 
new Transatlantic cd "The Whirlwind"
actually cover songs are interesting and show their influences . based on previous cds and dvds they are heavily influenced by the Beatles. Soul sacrifice is the standout on the bonus disc though.of course the main album continues to amaze on each... 
amplifier choice
do i need a large Mcintosh amp with the Omega Alnico 6 speakers? while i would like an all mcintosh system they are rather huge and heavy for my setup. Class D wyred 4sound not sure of with Mcintosh preamp have looked at the mcintosh 252 which see... 
amplifier choice
has anyone heard class D amps as wyred for sound with a Mcintosh preamp or with Omega loudspeakers? 
rewire and cartridge install
just another question . why doesnt my rega300 tonearm have a ground? i had to make a makeshift ground out of speaker wire to reduce hum. 
cartridge/preamp volume issue
i have tried all different gain and impedance combos but just to make sure gain options are 48,54,60 and 66. impedance 100,500, 1000 47k. ishould have on 66 for gain and 100 impedance for the Lyra dorian(.6 volts). Is that correct? also my balance... 
turntable/preamp problem
have it set up properly and connected to an aux input on the Blueberry. still the same problems. its never happened before when i was using integrated amps. since i went to separates it has been problematic.