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Philosophy of Audiophile Aesthetics
As an academic who reads and sometimes writes scholarly articles on aesthetics, I can say that for a work of philosophy this one is FUN. It's easy to tell that the author is just as interested in audiophile culture as in 21st century aesthetic the... 
Cary SLP-98 history and iterations
Thank you. That explains a lot. I kept finding references to the F1 but not on the Cary site. Cary lists their upgrade options and suggests that some are more bang-for-the-buck than others. I'll give them a call. I appreciate your response.    
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
I don't even tell myself how much I spent on my system.  
whats going on with clayton and spatial audio
This was posted on AC today: "I also received an e-mail from Clayton in the past week, likely sent to a number of folks, explaining a couple of back to back health issues this year that have hindered work, with things now back on track."  
Why do so many sellers take offense to offers on their listings?
Ok, let’s look at it from the seller’s side. For example say we have a popular unit, used, great condition, priced right among the comps. Why do you think, as an interested buyer, deserve a discount? Of course it's not always about a buyer t... 
questions about buying/selling
That sounds right to me!  I'm really just thinking that sellers are "disincentivized" (ugly word) to use PayPal goods/services, which in turn leaves buyers with little or no protection.   
questions about buying/selling
Facten: I'm sure that Mesch is right. You have to file the 1099k as part of your income. So for a seller, there is either tax to be paid or the hassle of finding the original receipt and then paying an accountant (if you use an accountant, as I d... 
questions about buying/selling
This interests me: "If the buyer wants the unit shipped and prefers paypal, then the buyer will be responsible for the additional paypal fees." It seems to me more complicated than that. As a buyer, I would prefer not to send thousands of dollars... 
questions about buying/selling
Outstanding, Mike. Thank you for confirming all that. I appreciate that you took the time to respond. I understand why many sellers prefer to use friends/family, and I've bought that way with a seller out here on 'Gon--but in general I'd have to ... 
questions about buying/selling
Thanks, fuzztone. Do you know whether that "income" is offset if I'm selling something for less than I bought it for? And can anyone confirm that, as a buyer on Audiomart, my basic protection would be PayPal goods/services? I don't see much in th... 
Covers of Woody Guthie - "this Land is Your Land"
A musical footnote to this ancient thread: Dan Zanes and John Doe recorded a lovely version of "So Long, It's Been Good to Know Yuh." Dan Zanes (once of the Del Fuegos) has been doing children's music for quite a while; John Doe, one of my heroes,... 
Reminder: how to tell current from an amp's specs?
Personally, I appreciate a civil exchange. I've found this thread to be quite edifying.   
Reminder: how to tell current from an amp's specs?
Thanks to everyone! And @atmasphere , I wrote my response before seeing that you had posted your very helpful response. I think I'm getting it!  
Reminder: how to tell current from an amp's specs?
Simple. I'm thinking about getting a new amp for my Maggies. A number of people recommend a high-current amp for them. (Some say this is a myth.) The repeated line is: "it's not the watts; it's the current." So I'm curious how people determine whi... 
Reminder: how to tell current from an amp's specs?
Thank you, Erik. I always read your posts with admiration. This time, though, it's going over my head.  Let me ask it this way. I've repeatedly read that some speakers, notably Maggies, thrive on high current amps. (I've also seen that disputed.)...