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Poor Fritz
erik_squiresThank you for the response. 
Poor Fritz
On fritz website he shows that how smooth the impedance of his spkrs over the audio freq vs others. Does it mean for the same db of music in a room the other spkrs demand a large watt/current  amp for the db of music ? Also he mention about series... 
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
Ophidian Audio UK .Micro-monitors.Minimos (ver1).Interesting engineering approach .The soundscale these put out given its dimensions  http://www.ophidian.co.uk/ is unique. ( No affiliations) 
Lively, fast & open sounding integrated under 3k?
Try Demo - Denon 1600 NE , 2500 NE  
Denon PMA-2500NE or similar "do it all" integrated in US?
Any thoughts you can share on the best bookshelfs / FS you found best with the PMA 1600 NE