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Luxman SQ-N100 noise
Thanks for the input. I'll try this.  
Has anyone owned Triode Co. products?
I have listened to them in various demos. They sound superb and the build quality is very high. I have not owned one. I listened to the CD player and the integrated amps trv-35se and 88. I have not listened to the 300b as I don't have speakers tha... 
Long cables from turntable or phono stage
The capacitance issue is very interesting. So as well as the transcriptors, I also have a Technics SL5200 turntable which I find sounds sort of flat and lifeless. It has an Ortofon Bronze MM with a recommended capacitance of 150-300pF. The Moon 11... 
Long cables from turntable or phono stage
Thanks again, this is very interesting. 
Should I Repair a Plinius 8150 ?
I think it would be really hard to find something as lovely as that amp for $750. I do this: I flip a coin and if the coin says the same as my gut feeling then it validates me and if the coin says something opposite to what I felt I wanted to do i... 
Plinius koru or Parasound JC3
OK. I guess no one has an opinion. I promise to let you know if I sort it out. 
Long cables from turntable or phono stage
Thanks everyone, that's really helpful. 
Triode TRV-35SE tube integrated amp
I have listened to this amp (and looked at it - its s beautiful!). I tried it with Rogers LS2a/2 speakers and with Wilson Audio bookshelf and with Sennheiser HD650s. I think the sound is typical of the amp rather and yes, the amp has a tube qualit... 
B&W 805D vs. Dynaudio Contour S1.4
I have heard the 1.4 and the new 805Diamond, both with an extended listen. I own C1s. I think they are all great speakers, however the 805Di and the C1s are better than the 1.4s. I listened to the 805D with musical fidelity m6i amp and the Krell e... 
Quick poll: Most enjoyable audio magazine ?
I was thinking about this topic again yesterday as the digital version of Stereophile arrived and wondering why I was so gracious about the magazine, especially since I bought the musical fidelity XCan V8P that Sam Tellig described as a wonderful ... 
Quick poll: Most enjoyable audio magazine ?
I like Stereophile. I take things they review with a grain of salt, but it seems to me that the magazine is trying to foster a culture of audio enjoyment. I read the magazine in its electronic copy through Zinio and it looks great on the iPad. Its...