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What songs/albums/artists actually sound worse when played through audiophile systems?
If it’s mixed poorly it will sound bad on any system. In the late seventies I went all the way down the audiophile rabbit hole. I had a great system to play crappy classic rock ( Steely Dan and a few others were exceptions).  
Gender bender
Joan Baez The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.....a tie with The Band’s Version with Levon 
What was your most disappointing album purchase?
Metal Machine Music by Lou Reedwonder what drug Lou was on when he made it 
How does this picture make you feel?
Too much quarantine time...,. 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
I think the OP is goofing on all of us... something fishy.... 
Tekton Design Moab
Hey Millercarbon, I think you meant the quote below to be placed in a conspiracy rant on some political website:”In other words what the banksters and the Fed do now, The Matrix robots would be doing. But the banksters bankroll Hollywood, that’s w... 
Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
When I am in my more involved phase I seem to go with separates for the fun-aggravation factor. There are more variables to consider and more components, cables And cords to swap out, mix and match. Matching separates can be a double edged sword. ... 
Your vote: Most Useless Audio Adjective
Speaker cable arrows???
And don’t forget to social distance the cables... come on guys, too much time and too little to do. Some of you scare away newbies. 
Audio reviews: too many analogies, never simple, but most of all, never clear.
Hunter S Thompson changed journalism. He made it me centric. Unfortunately, the vast majority of journalism haS followed that narcissistic path without a fraction of his talent. 
Silver is the appropriate color for everything but speakers.
Faceplate race baiting 
Renaming The Forum
Mavens r UsMy system can beat up your systemThe emperor’s new systemEvery “ expert” needs a disciple  
Renaming The Forum
Mavens r UsMy system can beat up your systemThe emperor’s new system 
Schiit Freya+(Plus)
I have also found the bass too boomy with tubes and my Freya+. I have tried old Sylvania and old Russian tubes, all to no avail. At first, the novelty of switching back and forth from tubes to passive etc. was entertaining, not any more. Save your... 
Border Patrol DAC SE>SEi Upgrade?
I own an original Border Patrol SE. I talked to Gary Dews about the upgraded model. He said it sounded more organic and less hi fi. I’d also like to know if anyone has heard the upgraded version.