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Rethm Maarga Impressions.
Gemini,I'm using an Art Audio PX-25 with it. Dick Olsher's review of the amp is an accurate summation of the amp's character. However keep in mind that his Basszilla he uses does not have amplification to augment the bass driver like the Maarga do... 
Rethm Maarga Impressions.
@Milpai: Hey there long time no see! I deleted my system because I went on about being "done" and just about everything changed LOL. A bit embarrassing, but I guess that's how this hobby goes. ;)@Cfluxa: Sure thing. First things first, in full dis... 
Rethm Maarga Impressions.
Gemini,I have both the Maarga and the Trishna, and they're both great speakers. Your caution is well founded, as most single driver implementations, while being superb for midrange heavy program material, have trouble playing a wide range of music... 
45 amp recommendations
Hello there,Cool your amp is famous! Yes it does seem like a good value. I actually have a headphone amp with Electraprint Iron so I can attest to the quality of his work; though at the moment I'm a bit partial to solid silver windings so I may ha... 
Cable Costs Relative to System
@Aintitgr8,Are you at liberty to disclose what high value cables you were using, and what "usual suspect" cables they beat? Thx. 
DACs and audio formats
Hi Milpai,I agree with Erik's recommendation of the universal player if you need to have the transport.If you can make the investment in the equipment and the time to rip everything I think this would be a better solution. Once it's properly setup... 
Ocellia vs Tannoy?
To be honest, for your size room I don't think either one is optimal. The Tannoy is obviously too big for your room.Everything I've read about the Ocellia suggests they need adequete "room to breathe". If you look at some of the pictures of people... 
Top CD transports vs USB converter shootout
Thanks for the comparison. I'm also interested to hear your thoughts on how the BADA compares to the M2Tech, particularly the full stack (w/ battery + clock). 
The best of the DACs
Just curious what DACs you've tried? I think it'd be tough to get a DAC to sound close to a good vinyl rig for under 7K. Even with the right component selection, a lot of things can go wrong, adversely affecting sound quality, like setting up the ... 
the best, cost-no-object, music streamer?
That's great news Steve, thanks.I'm sure there are a lot of us ripping SACDs that aren't quite ready to get rid of our DACs for DSD processing; a converter seems like an attractive interim option. 
the best, cost-no-object, music streamer?
Hello Steve,On the topic of converters, do you have any plans for an Offramp with DoP support, or do you know of converter out there with both DoP support and I2S out over RJ45? Thanks. 
how much of a difference should equipment make?
I'm also in agreement that over time you're going to be able to better distinguish key characteristics of the sound, and as a result, you'll get better at picking out what appeals to you most.However, at the end of the day you always need to trust... 
great speaker buys on Craigslist
Marq, no brown, no dice. ;)I suppose if Apple were marketing this stuff the tagline would be: "And now...even bigger!"Seriously, when are we gonna start seeing speakers sold by the pound? I think these guys are on to something. 
great speaker buys on Craigslist
I also have a pair of even larger speakers in much coveted "Noir". Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you first dibs. 
Tannoy Westminster amp matching question.
Lucky you! Love Art Audio SET, but you would probably be best served with a push-pull design instead. A KT series tube should be in the right power band. Personally, if I were you I'd be all over the Art Audio Concerto Monoblocks that are up right...