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Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?
There has never been a better time to shave the sheep than it is now, in the field of so called high end audio. Like on an assembly line, a "fine piece of equipment" is produced in somebody's basement and paying for his mortgage. The thinking goes... 
Benchmark AHB2 power amp impressions?
If THD and S/N were all the buzz, we would never have things like tube amps, SETs, etc. where even 3% THD is not far from the norm, as well as s/n < 100dB.It is no wonder that many audiophiles from the real world (you can find those only on var... 
Final Speaker Decision: TAD R1 vs SF Strad
there is no comparison, tad r1 wins big time. if you do not believe me, hear this:, hic rhodos hic salta, show me your shyte pardon what's the name? 
Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?
Raidhos are THREE times more expensive than they should be, that's why.Many other brands are overprices as well, e.g. Revel Ultima Salon 2 etc.A guy tried to sell Raidho D1 on agon for $7500 but he was unsuccessful.Many people are sheep and they s... 
Magnum Dynalab MD 309
nobody heard about it. if it's not class A it does not exist (at least on audiophile radar) 
Ayre MX-R VS Vitus SS-010
the ultimate in values at present time after 6 years researching everything:vitus + focal scala + siltech cablessasha + pass labb&w 802d + classe 
Focal Scala Utopia vs Wilson Sasha?
avoid accuphase, go with vitus 
"What's The Best Value Speaker In $5k-$10k Range?"
I was on a Taves show and heard Montis setup by ML people. I do not remember the amplifier in the setup but the sound was so dry that I left the room running. Before I run out I asked for the Montis price and they told me $11k. That is a shame sin... 
Magico V3
Did somebody have a chance to compare V3 and Vienna The Music head to head? What about The Music and other speakers mentioned here?