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Pass Labs XP32 or XP22?
re-lar-kvothe   I won't own another Rogue Audio, it isn't that the products are bad, but the owner was a jerk to me.  
Pass Labs XP32 or XP22?
mwood 03-28-2023 at 09:24pm "Backert and believe me you will never look back. I have a Rhythm Extreme paired with a Pass XA 30.8. They sound fantastic together. I’ve been in this hobby since the very early 70’s and I’m here to te... 
How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?
I have to admit that life balance has always been difficult for me.  I listened to music a lot as a young man but as I had more demanding jobs the Type A personality thing took over and I didn't listen for years.  When I retired I started to liste... 
Fee for home audition
I believe in respect and relationship.  I only purchase audio gear from dealers that want to build a long tern relationship with me and also treat me respectfully.  
Best Direction/Product Combo DAC/Streamer
Thank you all for the ideas.  As for budget I haven't yet come to one because I have no idea of the performance to dollar ratio. For instance I'm guessing an entry is $1000 - $1500 but I have no idea what a good, better, best unit may run.   
Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align
The Eagles - Hotel California Eva Cassidy - Wayfaring Stranger Alison Krauss with Union Station - Dimming of the Day  
Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused
I saw wisdom in what one of the initial posters said "you do you and don't forget to enjoy the music"  
Interconnects and speaker cables
Thanks djmika  
Interconnects and speaker cables
Thank you dweller  
Interconnects and speaker cables
I am currently using inexpensive amazon speaker cables and interconnects  
OMG - Room Acoustics are Critical - WAF be dam-ed!.
Compromise, I get the stereo room, the wife gets the tv room  
Interconnects and speaker cables
No they were purchased from different dealers.  
Tube or solid state
I listen to music for 5 to 6 hours a day now that I am retired.  I listen to early jazz, blues, bluegrass, and even some crooners.  I love beautiful music and tubes give me more enjoyment than ss ever did.