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Currently running B&W804 D 3s with Rogue Audio Pharoah
Thanks Carlsbad I guess my next question is The Pass int 60 or the int 250 . I tell the wife this will be the last . She's  smart enough  not to listen to me, but I tell her anyway!    
Eldorado Reissue Not Recieved
Ive been waiting also, ordered in august.If you ordered from MoFi website go to your account should be a record .    
Any good high end shops in Indianapolis?
+For Audio Solutions ,Victor is top shelf  
Integrated amp recommendations for harbeth 30.2 XD
I was able to audition them with BelCanto integrated amp class D, I Believe. To me it was one of the finest matches Ive ever listen too ! 
Good 2 channel integrated amplifier for 702 s2 under 3k?
I run a Rogue Audio Pharoah with B&W CM10s for years . I just upgraded speakers to B&W 804D . The Pharoah is just a great piece of equipment ,with Mullard tubes you just can't go wrong. Plus the Phono stage is very good. Rogue Audio also s... 
Im using  B&W CM10s for the past 3 years. Ive never needed a sub . Ive never listen to your other selections. Had the upgrade bug for the past 6 months ,Ive auditioned Vandy Treos ,Tannoy turnberrys , B&W 804Ds and Harbeth 3.0 all great sp... 
Pick and post 1 record you never tire of and play over and over...
Anything Steely Dan ,YES , Neil Young, Doors. Just to name a Few. 
Audiophiles in Louisville-Prospect-Goshen Kentucky Areas
Im in it ,put me on the list.   Mark in the southend! 
Manley Chinook Owners What Power Cord you Using?
The factory PC  works for me! 
What other Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?
I love to fish for Smallmouth ,Walleye at Dale Hollow Lake . I might add I like to sip bourbon while fishing. A 2005 ford F150 gets me their with ease! 
This is juvenile...
Charleen Darling , she makes me cry when she sings Boil that cabbage down! 
Looking for a good DAC under $500
dumacker I have a Parasound ZDac2 in the box for sale if interested E-mail at kmdungan@twc.com   
Manley Chinook question
I recived my Chinook in march of this year .After two days of use It became defective and was a REAL problem .  Manley handled the issue and replaced with a new unit . Now that I've run the Chinook for four months,Its Great . The stock tubes are v... 
Top integrated with MC phono section
Save a lot  look at Rogue Audio Pharaoh. Tube front end ,SS power and great Phono Stage .175 watts @ 8ohms! Built like a TANK!!!!! 
Turntable recommendation
Second that on the VPI Prime Scout , Its a fantastic table!!!!!!