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R.I.P: Rest In Peace Roy Johnson, Green Mountain Audio's Genius
After knowing Roy for 8+ years and speaking with him on a nearly a weekly basis I feared this would become his legacy and told him so. I did own several iterations of his speakers, but stopped doing business with him after our last deal.  After th... 
Why bookshelf type speakers are high end
@kanji I too have a system that goes below 40hz, manufacture says Frequency response. 21 – 25.000 Hz -3dB.However, I have and had several bookshelf speakers.  These smaller speakers have their place in the market.  Probably the #1 reason is space,... 
Why bookshelf type speakers are high end
@dekay I read cheaper the earbud the better 
Equipment Rack Between Speakers...Good or Bad
I find having the speakers out further in the room typically makes more of a difference than a rack centered between the speakers.  For me I typically have the equipment rack near the wall and the speakers 3-4 ' out from the wall, but I have had t... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
@kenjit the dealers all get together and price fix??To answer the OP question I was really impressed with VOXATIV, specifically the Hagen model.  For people in smaller spaces, or want a less pronounced visual system, - I was really impressed.   
Tekton Design MOAB
I think he was calling the review by Ron at New Record Day buffoonery.  I somewhat agree, the original review was full of craziness, drama, but interesting to watch nonetheless - a bad reality show. 
Planned to upgrade to DeVore Gibbon X, but concerned about comment of base leanness
@pokey77 what did you end up getting, or what did you hold on to? 
Tekton Design MOAB
I am glad to see Ron and Eric resolved their disagreement based on a new Video Posted on New Day Record - Ron and Eric take 20 minutes to discuss the review.  I think Eric did a nice job and my only critique of the video is that Yappy Dog.   
Tekton Design MOAB
I wonder with the ever increasing number of tweeter arrays if Tekton designs of the Lore and those with very few tweeters will be removed. It seems with the creation of the SET and SET 15 why would anyone buy the Lore.What array number is best?  S... 
More Devore vs Proac questions (super 9 vs D30RS)
How was the Super 9 bass?  I have not heard the ProAC D30RS, but what I have heard of the ProAC line they have a much politer presentation than DeVore. 
Tekton Design's new THE PERFECT SET equals "goosebumps time"
@mac480025 You have 4 pairs of Tekton?  Why and what 4?  I have 4 sets, but from different manufacturers.  Today I listened to all 4 and found something I liked in each.  I figure 4 Tekton would have very similar sound coming from same designer. 
Roon - streaming only...where'd you get your NAS?
I use a Synology NAS and converted my old INTEL NUC to a Roon Rock.  I didn't shell out the 499, but decided to do the 120 per year to give it a full test.  I think it is a great app and provides liner notes and artist info that otherwise I would ... 
R.I.P: Rest In Peace Roy Johnson, Green Mountain Audio's Genius
I too will miss Roy and the contributions he made in speaker designs.  He had some good ideas that led to some nice sounding speakers.  I hope he had a legacy plan so his ideas and designs will not be loss. 
I too buy used CDs.  I can buy them now for 1-3 bucks as people trade them in for pennies for the same titled LP.  I can buy 10 or so titles for 20 bucks, or 1 decent LP.  I burn and stream via Roon to ultra rendu andResolution Audio Cantata DAC/ ... 
Audio Reviewers
agree completely with three_easy_payments - open forums where users can ask and express their opinions.I do wonder how many reviews are paid.  I was surprised Tekton allegedly paid the guy from New Day Records.  if it has happened once, sure it ha...