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Audible Illusions wait time ?
One is a 3B (Modulus) Which is full function pre amp, (has built in phono) the other is just line stage pre amp. “L3A”. (With volume remote) The one I’ll be handing in for the trade in value is a Modulus 3A. (it has the phono stage too).And I’m gl... 
Audible Illusions wait time ?
I think I got all things squared away. I spoke with Art, and I am going to get the line stage instead of the 3B. (It has the remote volume) In fact Art told me the 3B was ready to ship to me in Monday ! That’s 6 weeks! That’s  pretty darn good tur... 
Blown away with 2 speakers hifi sound!
I don’t know if he’s doing it wrong, but I ain’t sitting in that drivers seat 🤡 
R.I.P: Rest In Peace Roy Johnson, Green Mountain Audio's Genius
Wow sorry to hear this. Had a few conversations with him too. Always willing to talk about his speakers and lend a hand. Sorry to hear of his passing - RIP.  
Black Ash.....
Black wood sucks. Where in nature do you find black wood ?i had a used pair of Joseph audio speakers (RM25] once and the black rubbed of the edges where your palms would rub on the top corners when you would move your speakers around to position t... 
Where can I demo JBL speakers?
I know there must be a  store in Manhattan that might have them. Call JBL and ask for a rep. I live in NJ , I have a pair of the new classics and really like them. Excellent bang for the buck. They did these right.  
Harbeth Super HL5+...thoughts
Check out the new JBL L 100 Classics, if you listen to a lot of rock.i used to own the Super HL5, and they never did it for me in the rock dept.  
JBL 100 Classic or Klipsch Heresy III?
I have owned a pair of JBL 100 classics  since Christmas. And I have to say it is one of my best speaker purchases to date. (And I’ve had dozens of speakers over the years).I just sold my Forte 3’s and kept these instead. They do everything really... 
Best power amp for Martin Logan Expression 11a
Yes,  I tried the 1 ohm and 2 ohm. Thought the 2 and 4 ohm sounded best. But the Hegel really shines with the Martin Logan.. Using the Hegel on klipsch forte 3 was not as good as with the RM 200 though.  
Best power amp for Martin Logan Expression 11a
I’ve had really good results with my Hegel H360 integrated amp. Seems to work better than my RM 200 tube amp.  
new L100?
LOL ! It’s a great amp !A few years ago I had it updated to MK II status - (Had to keep the original chassis though) . I had a pair of Magnepan 3.6, and the RM 200 drove them very well. It’s a serious 100 watt tube amp with balls !! Can’t wait to ... 
new L100?
I am running them with a Hegel H360 integrated amp, and they really match up well !. I have a music reference RM 200 that I have haven’t had a chance to pair them up with yet. For those who are comparing these to the older model, these are a total... 
new L100?
No image shift at all for me. And I was concerned about that too. The price isn’t that out outrageous for the dolllar per sound ratio I’m getting. I’ve spent much more and gotten less. But YMMV  
new L100?
Here is that review (above) but in English http://highfidelity.pl/@main-879&lang=en 
new L100?
I have a pair that I just got before Christmas, that was basically an impulse purchase. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. Extremely coherent.(They got the crossover right on these guys) as I am somewhat susceptible to crossover anomalies (p...