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VPI 2nd Pivot for 3D
The 2nd pivot works great and setting the azimuth is a snap using Wallytools. The 2nd pivot although it works well, it is a little hokey.  If VPI incorporates the 2nd pivot concept into a tonearm I will upgrade.  
Your First System
First system was 1968 with a Marantz 8B amp, Dyna PAS 3x preamp, Rek-O-Kut turntable with Empire arm and Altec A7 speakers. I was 15 and my father was a long term audiophile back to 1949. He went through everything from Cook binaural records and t... 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
One of my favorite tube amps for horn speakers is the Welborne Moondogs 2A3 SET. I saw their is one for sale on the Klipsch website for a great deal especially since it has the ultimate upgrades. These don't come up for sale very often. https://co... 
Anyone have heard of Tangent RS-8 speakers
I a pair of RS6 I bought new in 1978 with the amp and preamp. I still have the original packing and boxes. They were very musical speakers except if driven hard they would blow the voice coils.Both my speakers still work well. They sound very nice...