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Highend tube preamp w/no headphone jack - help I wanna get a pair of phones
I'm dealing with the same issue. No headphone jack on my Rega Elex-R. I'm planning to buy a budget headphone amp (and some Sennheisers too), feeding it with the "Record Out" jacks, which should not affect sound quality to speakers.   
The Most Philosophical Song You Ever Heard
Two old, but wise, songs: Life is just a bowl of cherries Don't take it serious Life's too mysterious You work, you save, you worry so But you can't take your dough When you go, go, go Keep repeating, it's the berries The strongest oak must fall ... 
What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?
In NYC, it was WNCN, an all-classical station that competed with WQXR.In those days, you could listen to the Met Opera on Saturday afternoon via WQXR, hear a full opera recording that evening on WNCN, and hear a recorded opera on Sunday evening on...