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What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
Adding my voice to the chorus praising the Dynaudio Heritage Special. This is, to me, the quintessential real world bookshelf speaker - expensive but not outrageously so, with superlative performance in a timeless package.   
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
@tablejockey @fsonicsmith  "own four customs, a Weigle, Landshark, Rob English, and Speedvagen."\ Nice! Add me to the short list of people who care about Dynaudios ( I own the Heritage Specials and the Focus 160s ) and steel bikes. Nothing custo... 
most beautiful (looking) speakers
"Ojas Artbook Shelf Speaker Kit - @sevi01" Great call. I so badly want to assemble and paint these one day. Looks like so much fun: Ojas Speaker Build Video    
most beautiful (looking) speakers
"Proud owner of Davone Solo here. But it is the same with a lot of the option that are posted here; love it, or hate it. I'm in love, also with the sound signature" @vennesch  yes, yes, yes. the Davone stuff is gorgeous. Love the solo. I just to... 
most beautiful (looking) speakers
"thank you, I too love Danish design! but what is it doing in the garage? :)"  - @grislybutter  Being built, by hand, one at a time... :)  According to Dynaudio, "This is where Heritage Special takes shape. Literally. It isn’t a photo-set, car... 
most beautiful (looking) speakers
@grislybutter I love your taste! Always loved the Davones and the Trennr & Friedls. Great stuff. Here are pictures of my Charios & Dyns...  
most beautiful (looking) speakers
"Danish or Italian. The Danes make beautiful stuff." - jrbirdman333 Nods while looking at my Dynaudio Heritage Special and Chario speakers....  
Architectural Digest finally shows audio gear!
Two quick adds to this thread. First, Alicia Keys seems to have the most beautiful room ever for a pair of Beo Lab 90s. Who cares how they sound if you get to sit here?  Second, Mike Prince on Billions seems to have a high end Audio Note system... 
New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!
Congrats @ianrmack! Loving my pair of these and I hope you do, too.  Also, fwiw, from what I can tell our ol' pal Steve didn't actually sell his Heritage Specials. According to his most recent review, he's now got three systems he'll keep "foreve... 
Zu Soul Superfly
that sounds like an incredible combo, gopher, congrats! 
Devore Gibbon 3XLs: anyone have these?
The most recent Stereophile includes the updated "recommended components" section and, if I read / remember correctly, the 3XL is listed as Class A, Restricted LFE, right between the Silverback and the Dynaudio C1. Nice company, indeed. 
Zu Soul Superfly
looks like the Superfly is back to $2,600 on the website. I've forgotten if anyone had mentioned seeing the superfly in something other than the Cosmic Carbon? Any insight into the upcharge for that? 
Dynaudio C1, why so expensive?
OP: Why do C1s cost so much? Krell: My speakers, which are not C1s, are awesome. Very useful. 
Zu Soul Superfly, they can adjust the price of the Omen on the website, and not the Superfly? 
Zu Soul Superfly
From what I can see from the people who've actually talked to Zu about this, the Omen is at 1K now, will be at $1,500 eventually. That makes sense. The Superfly will be at $2,600, which also makes more sense than raising the price so drastically f...