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Class D amps seem poised to take over. Then what?
I had an ICE class D amp.  I liked the sound but I'm a ham radio operator and it generated RFI which was picked up by my transceiver.  Went back to class A/B and now no noise.   
Class D amps that are superior to all or most?
I just got rid of my class D amp (Chinese Icepower).  I liked the sound but I am a ham radio operator who just got back into it after a break and the amp was radiating RFI (radio frequency noise) from the speaker cables.  I did what I could to fil... 
My NAD 3020 D proves your Class D tropes are wrong
I'm using one of these: perfectly good to me.   
Definitely lonely to be an audiophile
"I want to be alone."  Greta Garbo.  
Are Preamplifier’s Relevant Today or just a Hinderance with Digital Playback ?
I've found a tube preamp with digital source and solid state amp to be most helpful.  Takes away the digititus.   
stereo review magazine
I've been on the same path that others here have trod.  Used to read Stereo Review and then discovered Stereophile Magazine and my eyes were opened and my wallet was emptied.   
Which amplifier should i buy
Try a tube preamp into a solid state amp.  Try a tube preamp into a decent quality Class D amp, even something like Icepower.  You might be surprised.  
I've bought audio and other stuff direct from China and never had a problem.  Currently using an Icepower amp purchased for $160.  No problems.  The only thing I would not buy from China is a tube amp unless you are sure the output transformers ar... 
Looking for my Final Pair!!
I'm happy with my Klipsch Forte - first generation.  Get a used pair like I did for about $500 on CL if you can wait.  
Great video.  I like going into Goodwill and buying for 25 cents a record that my parents would have owned.  Terrible music much of the time but kinda fun.   
Why would anyone want class AB amp when class A always sounds better ?
Try sitting in a small room with even a low power class A amp here in Florida in the middle of summer.  Happy with class D.   
Purifi Class D: Junk?
I’m listening to a Chinese made bought on eBay Icepower amp for $150. Sounds perfectly acceptable with a tube preamp, which is a Bellari PA555. Total investment of $425.  The amp sounded not very good until it had run a day or so.   
What makes speaker's sound big?
What makes speakers sound big is big speakers. 
Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
Currently listening to a Chinese Icepower amp - 50ASX2SE into Klipsch Forte speakers.  $160 shipped.  Arrived in about 2 weeks.  Very smooth tube-like sounding with nice bass and midrange.  I paid $20 for a Chinese tube preamp and modded it to a c... 
My hearing deficits are becoming clear...
I've been through this.  Time to find a hearing aid specialist and get a good set of hearing aids.  Don't go cheap.  Mine are by Beltone and you can control the settings from an app on your phone.  And if you have an iPhone, you can stream phone c...