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Black Ash.....
Are we listening with our eyes or our ears dare I ask? 
I want a streamer
Happy Listening not birthday LOL! 
I want a streamer
I had the Bluesound Node and found it good until I tried and purchased the Lumiin D2 streamer. If you can swing the $2300.00 new I feel it's worth it. You may find it used but it won't last long on the used market.Happy birthdayMark 
Can one ever be "done" in this hobby?
I have amassed a very nice system to date. DeHavilland UV3 preampLumiin D2 streamer Rega Saturn R CD player / DAC ( currently using as a DAC) My treasured CEC TL2 CD transportPass Labs 260.8 monoblocksRythmik F12 subsAudio Physic Tempo plus speake... 
hi End
What he said hind end! 
Considering switching to Tubes
If you think you want to go the tube route I would highly suggest Rogue audio. You didn't give a cap on how much you would like to spend, but you said you are not in the position to do 5000+ investment at this time. I started with all tubes preamp... 
Best 80s New Wave
We can't forget about Milli Vanilli! Oh wait nevermind they faked all of their stuff. 
3 great tube preamps. Which would you purchase?
Look at DeHavilland electric amplifier co . Ultraverve 3 or the Mercury. Kara the owner has stellar customer service. She will answer all your questions . Stay away from VTL very poor customer service.Mark 
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
In the past calendar year. Pass Labs 260.8 monoblocks,Rega Saturn R, Audio Physic Tempo Plus speakers. And yes I'm done for a while.... Or maybe not! This silly hobby never ends.  The insanity!Mark 
Axpona 2019
Yes I heard the Block Audi room! It was impressive.Mark 
Jay's Audio transport
It's funny how this thread has resurrected from when I first started it. Thanks for everyone's feedback so far. The US rep that I will not mention will be at Axpona this upcoming weekend is not going to display the Jay's Audio transport.I was kind... 
Suggest Transports that can be Demo'd at home
I am still kicking around the purchase of a Jay's Audio transport however that Phillips mechanism is obsolete. So when Jay's runs out of them.guess what.Thats all folks 
Suggest Transports that can be Demo'd at home
I have a C.E.C TL2 and a TL2 X. Per Nick at true sounds who is the only US service center for C.E.C the new CEC gear is not as good as vintage like I have. I purchased a TL5 from Mutine back when he was a North American rep it was close to the TL2... 
Audio Physic speakers
shadorneSorry about my response that made no sense my phone froze and unfroze I accidentally hit the send when it unfroze and then it shut down. Anyway what I meant to say was they definitely played louder with better clarity and a wider soundstag... 
Audio Physic speakers
IDK about that I achieved hiher