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Wireworld USB YES!
On sale at The Cable Company for half price of $500 due to new 8 series coming out.  
Speaker cables Mid High end
I will reveal after my audition.   
Speaker cables Mid High end
Thanks for all the responses, I purchased a set here on Agon and after I get and listen to I will give a brief review.  
Speaker cables Mid High end
lwin, Thank you very much. Why do we always skimp when it comes to cables ?? LOL They do make a difference, all of them.  
Speaker cables Mid High end
Basically since I have a system with more resolution and finer detail involvement, looking to get the most out of the upgraded and improved performance. Also know synergy with a system sound plays in, but my current Levinson & Revel setup is p... 
Speaker cables Mid High end
akg_ca.. Yeah I have a dedicated power lines with conditioner and acoustic treatments that have all helped significantly. Not really married to Kimber. I have and like Cardas Clear Light interconnects and have read & heard good things about th... 
Mark Levinson power cord vs Shunyata Venom3 power cord
Thanks all for the replies. I went with Clarus power cables and 20amp HC for the amp. Also did run a dedicated line for my PS Audio power conditioner with only amp, preamp, cd transport and Aurender music server. Could immediately tell a big diffe... 
Phono amp picking up radio station from turntable rca’s
I found the source is the rca interconnect cables from turntable into preamp phono input. When I remove the rca cables from preamp it goes away. Just curious if a step up amp will raise the level of signal enough to cancel out the rfi interference... 
Mytek Manhattan II as preamp
I must say, the Mytek is outstanding performer as a Dac through my Ayre preamp but the sound is dull, not as airy and soundstage much smaller using it as a preamp. I guess I didn’t realize how good and big a difference my Ayre K-5exMP is! Dac with... 
Mark Levinson No.5101
Hi Studio 1, I currently have a Levinson 532H amp and a Mytek Manhattan II DAC with Ayre Preamp. Looking for a one box solution for SACD, Streaming and saw the No.5101 has all that with Precision Link DAC. Was really asking for anyone experience w... 
When to Poweroff amps and preamps
I asked service tech at Mark Levinson on my 532H and he recommended to leave on.  
All the brands I don't like...
erik_squires I agree with you.  
Benchmark DAC3 or Bryston BDA2 or 3
Apparenltly due to class a output and no op amps the Bryston sounds almost tube like smoothness and slightly less forward than Benchmark which also scores very high Class A+.  
Benchmark DAC3 or Bryston BDA2 or 3
Mahler123 From reviews and Stereophile apparently the Bryston Dac measures superbly, as good as can get according the their testing.  
Benchmark DAC3 or Bryston BDA2 or 3
From Bryston website:BDA-3Digital to Analog Converter "the Bryston BDA-3 offers measured performance that is as good as digital can get."—John Atkinson | Stereophile 2016BDA 1, 2, 3 are DACS, BDP are player/streamers. mahler123 reviews says the Be...