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Personal speaker evolution
The old standard route: Advents, Double Advents, Magneplanars. I've stayed with the Maggies (3 sets to date). 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
A Set of Magneplanar Typani IIIA's or IV's. Buy something else, as you prefer, but set aside a listening room for these beauties...and don't give them up until you're really sure. 
Amplifier for Magnepan 20.1s
Bi-amp. Definitely. I have never purchased a pair of Magnepans without the dedicated intention of bi-amping them. I learned this over 20 years ago, and it still passes mustard. I've been accused of being a "brand-name" guy, but you really need to ... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
OH Good Grief Charlie Brown. AUGGGUH! Did I ever misstate that last comment! MC track better, have better definition (full range), and are quieter. Please don't mistake me for an idiot! I had a Denon DP6000 that could accomodate 2 tonearms, and on... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
MM cartridges have better bass definition and are quieter. Take it from there. 
PC Audio and the Behringer DEQ 2496
Cwlondon, a PC board (e.g. 24/96 Soundblaster) and use it's audio out to connect fibre-optic DIRECTLY to the Behringer. Works fine for me... 
Should Equalizers make a comeback?
NOOOOOOOO! Buy at least a Behringer 24/96 with it's calibrated mike, get the REAL frequency response at your listening position, and only after that can you use an equalizer accurately! Don't guess!!! 
Spending on dac vs amp
Well, here'e another response. I spent most of my money on speakers ($3600), then on TWO ARC amps ($4500 due to ebay) and lastly, the DAC and Digital X-over. My source is a PC, or a receiver, or one of two CD-Players. The system is Bi-amped, so th... 
Are Horn Speakers good or bad or simply a complete joke?
Ro425, Are you serious that J. Gordon Holt agrees with you that horns are superior? I question that. 
Old vs New Magnepan 1.7 vs Tympani IV
Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?
It depends on the woman. If you play the right music, she'll pay attention to you. Which is what you want anyway, right? But don't expect her to appreciate your audio investment. 
Why not horns?
Diffraction effects. That's why. Now I haven't heard Avantdgarde Audio Classico speakers ($80,000) but that sounds promising. I assume you horn guys are Avantgarde owners...I'm just a lowlife planar speaker fan. 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
An old-fashioned guy like me is VERY partial to Bill Johnson's early designs. If you can get one of his Peploe Industries mono blocks, don't let go of them. And, I am, and have been since the 70's a great fan of his D-series amps. Yea, I know some... 
"Room Correction" what the H..?
I know this is a years late response but in contemporary PA systems the drivers are extremely directional, thereby creating a percieved extra brightness above 4kHz. How this relates to "room correction" re. Behringer I don't know, but it's a commo... 
Mac Mini
Cable stands, anyone? :-)