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KR Audio repair
How can I contact you? 
KR Audio repair
Thank you very much!!! 
KR Audio repair
That is not the idea. I want to send my amps to the US, but need you guys to recommend me a very good technician. 
KR Audio repair
I’ve tried to contact KR Audio USA, but didn’t get any answer...I live in Ecuador, and it’s a little mess to send the amps to the US, that’s why I need your recommendstion of a good and honest technician. Shipping both ways will be very expensive.... 
Tight bass sub recommendations
+1 for Rythmik. 
what speaker cable do you use on the Evolution Acoustics MM3 speakers or Harbeth speakers.
Upgraded to Tara Labs “The Muse”. 
Any love for Rogue Audio Apollo Dark monoblocks?
Sorry for the typo, KR Audio Kronzilla DXL. 
Any love for Rogue Audio Apollo Dark monoblocks?
I own a pair of Apollos with some upgrades (almost the same as the Darks). They drove my Evolution Acoustics MM3s very well, lots of clean power. I replaced them with a pair of LR Audio Kronzilla DXLs, BIG improvement in overall sound, but the Rog... 
Trouble Contacting Clear Day Cables
Get well soon Paul. God bless you!!! 
Taralabs cables
Finally decided for the Muse combo, speaker, interconnects and interface. Thanks audiolabyrinth for your comments. 
Taralabs cables
I’m trying to decide between this 3 option of Tara Labs speaker cables:The 0.8The MuseThe Omega GoldUsing Evolution Acoustics MM3s and KR Audio Kronzilla DXLs. Monoblocks.Which one? 
Notable very small loudspeaker companies (other than Tekton!)
Is Evolution Acoustics in the very small company class? 
HFC or Akiko?
I have both tube preamp (ARC Ref.10) and monoblocks (KR Audio DXL), so sweetness is not needed here...MC 0.5= 2 votes        Triple AC= 0 votes 
Defective KR Audio T-1610 tubes
Around 1000hs, at least that is what seller told me. 
Help me please!!!
Hi R,After so much research, I finally opted for the Kronzillas.Still on there way to my home. I hope they will be here in a month or so. The Dartzeel is one great option, but I have my installation “monoblocks ready”, so the easier option was to ...