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RIP Stewart Chapman
Stuart was a kind and helpful person. Always available to talk. We spoke several times over the phone regarding my interest in his speakers. A great loss,  
Triangle Antal 40th Anniversary get rave review in Stereophile Magazine
My son is new to audio and just purchased 40th Anniversary Comete for a desk top system. First experience with Triangle for both of us. Tried many other brands with potential. He is very happy with his decision.       
Sticking with CD's for now
Appreciate the responses so far.Just to reiterate I am interested in adding a DAC with aes/ebu input to my Ayre CD player. Any direct experience or thoughts and recommendations on a DAC that could offer improved performance will be considered. 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
A TERRIBLE FAILURE!!!Audiogon is now the weakest link in my system... 
Hornshoppe "the Truth" preamp - any opinions?
The Truth preamp has recently come to my attention so I am researching all I can find.This started off as a great thread in regards to just that but as in many cases it came to an abrupt stop.I would like to hear from "essrand" with his experience... 
Free $3K preamp to lucky listener who names it
Although it is spelled differently I will always associate Rhumba with Roomba the very odd robot vacuum/wannabe preamp. 
How old are your speakers
I still own my Snell type A/ll speakers I purchased as a demo pair back in 1982.Very new to the hobby at that time but it has turned out to be a decision I have never regretted. That's 33 years and still counting. 
Need some help finding speakers.
Swampwalker PM sent.Looking forward to your response.Thanks 
Need some help finding speakers.
I would like to add Horning to the list.Any leads out there or opinions.Thanks 
Chapman Speakers?
I think I can get past the aesthetics of the Chapmans as long as I feel they will satisfy my musical expectations.I am considering the latest T-7 model but the T-5 value/performance also has to be taken into account.Any further input would be appr... 
Vaughn Speakers
Plasmatech,yes I am referring to Vaughn Loudspeakers of Ca.Appreciate your response and hope to hear from others. 
Vaughn Speakers
All comments welcome. 
Vapor Sound Audio/tons of Value for $$$$
I thought I was the only one that new Mr. Schroeder was expecting his custom built Vapor Joules. I also recently asked him how he was enjoying them. No response.....Maybe he is sworn to secrecy??? 
Bogdan Audio speakers
I am looking into all that have been suggested.Appreciate the support.Special thanks to Csmgolf and B_limo for their help.Other experiences and opinions always welcomed. 
Bogdan Audio speakers
Good to see a response.A small company not well known I assume.I am interested in the experience of working directly with a speaker builder from start to finish.It would be nice to hear from those who have also chosen this approach and their resul...