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Jeff Rowland Daemon – Reviewing The JRDG Superintegrated Flagship Amplifier
@daveyf, So BC PCs and ICs, but not speaker cables? Nordost? 
Jeff Rowland Daemon – Reviewing The JRDG Superintegrated Flagship Amplifier
@daveyf, What is the model of Chris' Black Cat cables you are using? 
Equi=Core Hum & Other Issues
Call Walter! 
Any love for newer Krell amps?
The XD generation Krell is a significant improvement in musicality, I've heard enough of their latest kit at shows to say nice job Walter and the Krell design team! 
Comparison of latest DAC chips
The seller is Underwood HiFi,   https://www.underwoodhifi.com/  
Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?
I put off buying some PPT too long it appears. Very sad situation, hoping it can be sorted out. 
New Rouge Dragon amplifier
JohnnyR, What is your take on the sonic differences between the Medusa and DragoN? 
New Rouge Dragon amplifier
Read the reviews for the Rogue Medusa which uses a Hypex 400 module, the DragoN should be a little better. I have a Medusa and it responds nicely to tube rolling to achieve the best synergy in your system and the DragoN uses a similar 12AU7 front ... 
Tekton Design MOAB
Here is a link to my Moab review for AV Showrooms;  https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DVj_eRQ8TCAY%26fbclid%3DIw... 
Tekton Design MOAB
mofojo, The slamming tight mid bass is one area where the Moabs might fall a smidgen behind the DI/DI SEs with their mid bass drivers. I haven’t made a direct comparison but my friend who sold his DI SEs to buy the Moabs mentioned to me while audi... 
Tekton Design MOAB
NO, I just shot a video review of them for AV Showrooms and saved shipping dollars and sold them to a local friend who sold his DI SEs to obtain the Moabs. The Moab review should be up on our YouTube channel next week, AVShowrooms.The Moabs are se... 
Tekton Design MOAB
I have unpacked Moabs by myself and just packed them up taking 3 guys. I used a 2 foot tall hassock to unpack them, but just laying them on the floor will work fine. Remember to screw in the spikes first thing. 
MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?
Thanks Bill for the reporting on the burn in ride. I'm betting at some point you might tube roll on the Amber? 
Why are brick and mortar HiFi dealers so bad?
My CEO friend dresses down to car shop just to gauge the salesman's attitude, he has surprised quite a few. 
Tekton Design MOAB
@stringreen , If your speakers are Tektons, they require some kind of threaded feet to close the threaded hole because the holes allow airflow detrimental to their bass response.