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Vinyl...should I stay, or should I go?
I ran from vinyl 30+ years ago and never looked back ! I have only one record (sentimental value )...and got nothing to play it on... thank god! 
Seller ants my credit card info
the seller might have a business and business license in order to process credit cards  
If you had to choose, which cable would you buy?
i have no RCA cables in my system. i have no noise period!with no audio and the volume control all the way UP and my ear flat to the speaker, I got as much noise as the system is turned off ! There is no difference whats so ever! 
Speaker Cables
to my opinion, Bi-wire doesn't have any advantage over a single wire. But bi-amping does. as for jumpers on speakers ... they are so short and impedance is so small that measurements can not detect any difference, so does the human ear. I guarante... 
Does Age Matter?
57 .    100% digital.   can not stand the scratchy sound of vinyl  
What is the name of the tool? 
Does Power Cord Require Burn-In To Sound Good?
roberjerman4 !!!  i totally agree with your opinion . 
I blew up my receiver. Now what?
twoleftears is correct... the repair will cost more or close to a new unit. lucky you this one is not the top of the line . The lesson is priceless! 
Is easy to know when a non english speaker is writting?
frigging gringos are trying to figure out my accent... hilarious !   
An EXPERIMENT for those who have never heard differences in cables
clearthinker .... please be careful, there are geniuses who will follow your advice. I remember in 2001 or 2002 at an electronic show in Vegas there was a group of people protesting the use of human plasma in plasma TVs 
What type of cord is this and where can I buy it?  
Interesting Fed Ex encounter...
for the last 10-15 years i have shipped FedEx almost daily  with and without receipt and no shipment was   ever lost . 
Why no interest in reel to reel if you're looking for the ultimate sound?
why would anybody consider tape recording an ultimate sound ? tape noise between recordings irritates a hell out  me... i do understand that in 1970-80s  there was no choice and reel to reel was the thing ... not any more ... now if you enjoy tape... 
Should I be able to hear a 4Hz difference in my speakers?
you can compare the speakers by input low frequency sine wave . 
Beware of NAD M3 Fire Hazard
ok... you probably got a simple case of defective cap.... most likely there is no more damage to the the unit . you need all 4 caps to be replaced and that is probably it ...