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Opinions on Graaf Amps
Hello,Can anyone tell me if Graaf GM 13.5b can tape to 220v from 120v internally ? Anyone have schematic or manual of dong this?. Please help. Many thanksRegardsKen 
Opinions on Graaf Amps
QUOTED from Theo.....You also have to replace the large electrolytics resting on top of the amps every other year. They last for about 3-5000 hours. Better replace them in advance in the summertime, before the listning season begins.....Are you su... 
Any reliable issue on MBL 101D ?
Any suggestion? 
Ayre V3 voltage 110v to 220v
Very helpful. Thanks Charles 
Difference between Quad ESL63 Pro and Quad USA mon
Thanks for answers 
Linn Ekos Collar Bolts
My story is: I had purchased a good condition Linn Ekos MKII online from a seller but the seller forgot to put in the 3 bolts and teeth washer for locking the collar to armboard, so I cannot instal the arm. He sent to me a week later on the 3 bolt... 
Mark Levinson 20.5
Thanks. Anyone have bad experiences? 
Mark Levinson 20.5
Any more comment? 
Mark Levinson 20.5
Anyone ex or current user here???? 
Cello Legend
I am using Mark Levinson 26s+23.5 
Mark Levinson 25 vs 25s vs JC-2
Thanks Neil,Just wounder the ML23.5 can conrol the base of WB Discovery ( Isobaric bass is very hard to push ) I was told....Ken1967 
Mark Levinson 25 vs 25s vs JC-2
Dear Neil,TT - Micro DDX1500 (Direct drive)Cart- MC20 superSpeaker - Proac 2.5 ( change soon, think of Wilson Benesch Discovery or Wilson Audio Sophia) One question: I would like to get the volume knok of 26s changed ( a scatch). No more avalaible... 
Anyone tried Daad room treatment products?
I have booming problem in 60-100 Hz range. May I try Daad 3 ( 28 cm width) instead of Daad 4 (38 cm witdth) which is too bug to fit in my wall corner... 
Wilson Benesch Discovery
But funny I feel its base is very hard to push particular with its isobaric design 
Mark Levinson 25 vs 25s vs JC-2
Hello Nsgarch,I sold the JC-2 at low because when testing one of the phono module not working .... So only at USD690. Now start to look for Mark 25 or 25s ( Is that also have lemo and RCA version or just RCA?)Ken