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Laufer Teknik Memory Player 64 - I've Finally Found What I've Been Looking For!
If someone knows Mark Pizorelli please , please, please have him contact me for help fixing my Melos SHA Gold. It's the infamous optical potentiometer issue! Thanks, David Goodman. 832 754 6692 [email protected] 
Review: Convergent Audio JL-2 Tube amp
A bit late to this post, but regarding a suitable Pre for any CAT amp would be either the Renaissance or Legend. Even the Renaissance is far better than the previous Ultimate MKII. And yes...Ive heard them all in the correct objective conditions. 
Gryphon vs. McIntosh
Those that"Dis" Gryphon have never heard it. Either that, or they're tone deaf! 
Comments on Jeff Rowland 301 monoblocks?
725 Monos are out. 28K. Much more natural and musical than Krell. Bass is very good!Hear it with a top tier pre. I suggest either Korus or Criterion from Rowland. I own the Criterion. Super nice pre. Also have the stereo 625. I need/want a bit mor... 
I have a 625. Most people can't or don't want to believe how much better this amp is than ANYTHING Jeff has ever built before. Yes the 8 & 9 amps will swing more current, but holly smokes is this thing way way great!With the right cabling and ... 
Kleos Sibilance
What album are you refering to when you mention "Captain and Me" ? 
Rowland 625
OK to finally put an end to this she loves me, she loves me not. If you hear both a 625 and a 312 in the same system you will know within 2 seconds that the 625 is way way better. It's not a little better Brazcole. It's a lot better. The bass is b... 
Rowland 625 versus Audio Research DS450
Hey guys, apparently no one above has heard the 625. I have it along with Jeff's Criterion Pre. It is by far and away without a second thought far better than ANY of his older stuff. For a relatively small amp, it kicks! You need to go listen. You... 
Rowland 625
Clavil, no clicking output to speakers when power switch is cycled on/off/on. Don't worry about the resolution of the 625. It will way outperform the 312! 
Rowland 625
Temperature update. I was running the 625 way up for about an hour and then felt the amp in several places. It was more than uncomfortable hot. She was Class A type hot! Not sure how this will effect the long term reliability or performance, but i... 
Rowland 625
The 625 retails for 13,500. I think the Corus is 10,000. A bunch of us heard the Corus at RMAF, but it was being fed by a laptop into a Ayre DAC. I have a Criterion. When I got home with my 625 and let it warm up I was totally astounded to hear su... 
Rowland 625
I now have 30 hrs break-in time on her. The darkness in the mids has nearly vanished. If it gets much more open and transparent towards the rear of the stage I will be very surprised. It's already way beyond the 312. This thing reminds me quite a ... 
Rowland 625
Husk01, no they wont. They weren't ready. There will be two rooms running a 625. Not sure who or what with. 
Rowland 625
Well, that was the word I was trying to avoid in case I was wrong. I have had many amps in my life. The ones I admired most were either tube or Class A designs in Solid State. I awoke this morn and swapped Cd music. Now listening to Yellow Jackets... 
Rowland 625
OK. Got it inserted and powered up this morn. We all know we shouldn't dare listen to anything cold and especially if it is totally unbroken in. I did anyway. Ouch. I was worried. I walked away with it running very low volume for 3 hours. When I g...