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Tidal - why only remastered versions?
This is because Tidal gets the music from the record labels. The only version of this music now sold through retail and online outlets are the remastered copies, as they are the labels excuse for selling you the same recorded music again. It's onl... 
CD Spinners Help Needed: Pioneer Elite PD 65 or Enlightened Audio Design T 1000
I do not like the sound of the Pioneer stable platter mechanism as a transport. I owned a Pioneer PD-S95 which was the flagship CD transport to use this mechanism. The sound was lacking in harmonics and gave the sense of being incomplete. That bei... 
People and Place: A review of SW1X DAC
Hi seminarian, thanks for your review.Can you expound more on comparison between your SW1X unit and the Yggdrasil? I am very familiar with the Yggdrasil so that would be useful to me 
DAC upgrade from Modi 3 for Senn HD800 system
Gungnir Multibit or Soekris DAC1541 
Orchid vs TUBADOUR III - Help me choose
I have had my Tubadour III for a few weeks now, fully upgraded. With 100 hours of play time on it I can say that I love this DAC, it has bested a Yggdrasil Analog 2 for me which previously was the best DAC I had heard. The Tubadour sounds more hum... 
Another new DAC: Audio Mirror
I also just ordered the Tubadour with all the upgrades. Very excited to try this dac!! 
Another new DAC: Audio Mirror
I'm with you audio123... very similar to the review he published of the Audio Mirror monoblocks... just a lot of useless preamble and then one paragraph describing the sound. Finally, he rates it with 3 notes for the bass with no explanation why! ... 
Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic
Douglas, you mention owners of NOS DACs needing to take caution when employing the SM, why? Are you referring specifically to those DACs which take the output directly from the chip with no buffer? 
Does anyone have a Schiit Yggy DAC?
something sounds very wrong. i have owned multiple yggy's and they were never more than slightly warm to the touch even after being on for many weeks 
Is a PTP Solid 12 (Lenco) worthy of a $5k cartridge
There is no reason for it to not be worthy. There are much more unworthy, overpriced, generic belt-drive tables that show up en masse at every audio show from LA to Munich that people do not hesitate to put kilobuck cartridges on simply due to the... 
If you love SET amplifiers, boy do I have speaker for you.
I do not believe the published specification of 101db/w for a second. I do not see how it is possible to crossover a 1" soft dome with 8" paper cones and retain that sort of output, all without halving nominal [email protected] do you have anythin... 
yggdrasil dac and Innous Zenith MK2
Keep in mind the Yggdrasil USB input is designed in a way that will homogenize transport quality and sonics to a degree. I would opt for a digital transport that outputs S/PDIF via AES or BNC as an ideal mate for the Yggdrasil, avoiding USB and wh... 
If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money
@teajay when will your review on the Jay's be publishedI check hometheatrereview.com every day and every night; hoping; praying; to see a new article by Terry London. alas, there is none. 
SW1X Audio Design DAC II Absolute Top Tier Ref NOS DAC
@wig I look forward to what you have to say. Do you still have the DAC II in house for direct comparison?also - this bit on their website is curious "Based on 2 x PCM56 K – the most refined and highest resolving sounding 16 bit DAC chips ever prod... 
A DAC that crushes price vs. performance ratio
@batenet wow.. lab12 is $120 china pcb with mundorfs slapped on?? big if true..