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VPI dust cover
Vinh Vu of Gingko Audio did a great job customizing a dustcover for my modified VPI TNT HRX. He’s a real gentleman and does high quality work. In NJ. https://www.ginkgoaudio.com/dustcovers/  
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Steely Dan's "Do It Again" -- get knocked down, get up, do it again -- my theme song.   In the mornin' you go gunnin' for the man who stole your water And you fire 'til he is done in but they catch you at the border And the mourners are all sin... 
Innovative Autio in NYC just hung up on me
I've had the best service at Brooks Berdan Monrovia SoCal.  Great listening session.  
Ultimate stereo nightmare
Is your problem with the right channel not working true for all sources or just one? If it's all sources, then your issue is somewhere with your amp/preamp.  LIke if you moved your amp to change speaker cables, maybe your right channel interconne... 
Starting from Basically Scratch. Help me power some Wilson Watt Puppys
I am driving a pair of WATT/Puppy 6's in my home theater system with a pair of Bryston 7B ST monoblocks, rated 500 W at 8 ohms with a high current configuration of 800 W at 4 ohms or lower. The W/P 6 can be a difficult load with an impedance dip ... 
How long does it take a decent quality speaker to "wear out"?
I had to have the foam surrounds of my WATT/Puppy Puppies replaced after about 20 years. Long time ago, I blew out the midrange of a Rectilinear III Highboy doing stereo wars in a dorm.  Duh.  
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Small hifi storefront on Valley Road in South Orange, New Jersey.  Don't remember the name.  Became a pet store a few years later. I walked past this store every day going to high school.  The window display fascinated me.  I saved up my lunch mo... 
Preamp with two volume controls?
The Pass Labs Aleph P has separate left and right gain controls. as well as a a master gain control to govern both channels.  
Pass Labs Speaker Choices
Pass X600 monos with Thiel 3.6s Pass Aleph 3 with Proac 1SCs.  (and REL sub) Yah these are old, but they work well together.  
The difference between an Audiophile and a Stereophile?
Can I be both?  
3 Level, 40-44" wide, Well built for Isolation-Gear Stand-Where/Who?
Consider Salamander Designs Synergy Twin 30, usually $1119 new. Or other Salamamder systems.    
Songs of debauchery and excess
Eric Clapton -- Cocaine    
Is Bob Carver Still in Business?
Glad to hear Bob's back to designing. Looking forward to his new creations.  
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
I love my Pass class A amps.  Yeah they're hot, but the sound is magic to my ears. I used to keep them on all the time.  Nowadays, I turn them on about an hour before listening sessions, saves on my electric bill and heat generation.  
Hi-end audio is a big zero
I always start with reading reviews -- professional reviewers like magazines with a grain of salt and a microscope to read between the lines, and user opinions on sites like Agon.  That all gets me a short list before I go to the dealers. I liste...