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Class A amplifiers - which are considered the best
Ciro71, you mentioned Vitus Audio SS101. I'm interested. Can you elaborate more on its sonic characteristics compared to the Burmester 911 Mk3? 
Meridian 808.3 to replace Esoteric X-03 SE?
Thanks for the interesting observation Gshepardbuster. Some say that the 808.3/808.2, while very revealing, is not very involving/emotionally satisfying. Do you find that to be true? 
Meridian 808.3 to replace Esoteric X-03 SE?
Thanks guys for your input. Gshepardbuster, can you elaborate why you loved your 808.2 so much? I assume you have bought the 808.3 already? How is it? 
Best Sounding CD / SACD player under 15K
I'm love my Esoteric X-03 SE sacd/cd player BUT I'm very interested in the Meridian 808.3 cdp. RH of TAS has called it the most significant product in the history of CD players due to its apodising filter that eliminates pre-ringing not only durin... 
Power Cords--Your Preference?
I'm using JPS Kaptovator for all my components. I love the box that the Kaptovator comes in, just oozes class. What more the product itself! 
Upgrading Fuses
All the manuals of my components warn against attempts at fiddling with the innards as there are no user-serviceable parts. How do I go about changing fuses? 
What started you on your audiophile journey .
My hostel mate during university days back in the late 80s. 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Definitely the Parasound JC1 monoblocks. I'll buy them all over again if I have to. 
Thiel 3.7 vs Wilson Sasha
After auditioning Wilson Sasha, Sonus Faber Elipsa and Cremona M, Magico V2, Avantgarde Uno G2, this is why I purchased the Thiel 3.7.I'm a musician and play regularly in a band. When the drummer hits the snaredrum with his drumstick, you don't ju... 
Thiel 3.7 vs Wilson Sasha
I now own the Thiel CS3.7 and Parasound JC1 monoblocks and JC2 preamp for almost 2 months now. All I can say is, "AHHH....THIS IS IT!" with a big wide grin.I, too, fully concur with Actuary's comparisons #1-10 except #3. IMO, I believe the CS3.7 w... 
Anti Cables Speaker Wire
I read the endless testimonials on Anticable's website. Is this for real? Will a set of Anticable interconnects and speaker cables outclass, say, MIT Magnum MA or Taralab Gold? If they do, I'm gonna buy them. 
I think I've made up my mind
Maril555, I still like the Avantgardes. They are very revealing but in an effortless way. Vocals are very well served by the Avantgardes. I find that the Thiel CS3.7 matched them in that respect. The downside of the Avantgardes is the bigger than ... 
I think I've made up my mind
Ritmo, you can find my reasons in my other threads: 1. Let down by Wilson Sasha/ARC Ref 3 combo 2. My findings on Magico....what now?Rtn1, I have considered the Avalon Indra but have no chance of auditioning them as no dealer in my country carries... 
Sophia 2/Magico V2 versus Sasha/Magico V3
Madfloyd, may I ask how do you set up your Sophia 2's and Magico V2's in your home? Do you put them next to each other or do you put one pair aside when you hear the other pair? 
Revel Studio2, Thiel 3.7 or Wilson Sophia 2
Ritmo, try listening to this pairing: Thiel CS3.7 with Parasound Halo JC2 pre/JC2 power (800Wpc into 4 ohms). I heard them last week and was quite impressed by them. They definitely made a much greater impression on me than the Wilson Sasha + ARC ...